Ladli Scheme of Delhi-WCDDEL

Know the Delhi Government’s special Ladli Scheme

As the name derives, Ladli Yojna is an excellent scheme that has been initiated by the Delhi Government with an objective to uplift girls, who are otherwise downtrodden in the Indian society. The truth is that still in today’s modern age, girls are still being discriminated in a few Indian states. Several initiatives have been taken by the central and state governments throughout the country to help girls to be recognized equally with that of boys and to enhance their social status.

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It is in this respect that the Delhi government has launched this highly ambitious Delhi Ladli scheme. This WCDDEL has initiated to provide financial protection to girls and launched on 01.01.2008. Its work is to spread awareness among people in the society about the important role played by girls and the need for their immediate upliftment. The scheme further helps in offering girls with proper and adequate security and to promote their education.

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For all types of inquiry or to know the details about the ladli yojana scheme, one can call up the toll free number 180-022-9090.

Benefits offered under Ladli Yojna Delhi scheme-WCDDEL

Ladli is undoubtedly an ambitious project of the Delhi government to encourage girls to study and to have a great and successful life like that of boys. In order to avail this scheme, the applicants just required to meet the eligibility and to fill up and submit the ladli yojna form to the concerned government department. On successful submission of the applicant form, the applicant after few days can check the ladli yojna status online and find out if her name is on the list of beneficiaries.

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Eligibility factor of Ladli Scheme Delhi

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Following is the eligibility criteria:

  • The girl gets a benefit of Rs. 11,000, only if she is born in Delhi National Capital Territory (NCT), within a nursing home or hospital setting.
  • If the girl is born at the above mentioned hospital or outside the house, then she is eligible to get Rs. 10,000 incentive.
  • Assistance is provided to girls under this scheme of an amount of Rs.5,000 to meet expenses for the child’s admission to the classes 1, 6, 9, 10 & 12.

Eligibility & rules to be followed for anganwadi Delhi Ladies’ Plan

  • Applicant needs to be a Delhi resident
  • The family’s annual income is not to exceed 1 million.
  • The ladli yojna in Delhi scheme had provided to just two girls present in the family.
  • The Delhi Government is to recognize the applicant’s school.
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Documents required

  • Address Proof (electricity bill, ration card, 3 year Delhi resident proof)
  • Parental income certificate
  • Girl’s birth certificate
  • Family picture
  • Applicant’s caste certificate
  • Aadhar Card of both the parents and the child

Who is to be in contact to derive the benefits?

  • SBI
  • Recognized school or government
  • Social Welfare Development Office

For more details, log onto This scheme is quite popular among parents who want a better future for their girl child.

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