Telangana RD Call Center

About Telangana RD Call Center

The Government of Telangana is working really well. They are trying to develop the whole system through different projects and Telangana Schemes. Recently the Ministry of Rural Development of Telangana has started Telangana RD Call Center with some objectives to integrate the process of grievance redress. They are ready to do it by using the technology through communication and different information. The real aim of the government is to make a platform like Janahita Telangana in order to handle the public grievance. They also want to create a system of resolution with excellent efficiency and proper reporting which will be done quickly. The central enthusiasm behind this innovative initiation is the satisfaction of the people which is necessary.

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This RD call centre Telangana acts as a medium between the governing bodies and the beneficiary bodies. RD call centre also has a toll free number to be connected easily. The number of RD call centre is 1800-200-1001. It works differently. Sometimes the beneficiary can also register the issues directly. This must be done through proper procedure and as a web complaint. He/She can also call in the toll-free number of the call centre to complain about them. In that case, they have to call between 8 AM to 8 PM. All the recent updates you can get on their official website.

Telangana Rural Development (RD) Department Sites

The following are the RD department sites of Telangana State:

  1. Rural Development
  3. SERP
  4. Aasara
  5. Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
  6. Social Audit
  8. HRMS-RD
  9. Watershed Development
  10. AP-Online
  12. National Informatics Centre
  13. Mee Seva
  14. Goir Telangana
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Important Details of RD Telangana

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