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Apply for the admissions for Chhattisgarh RTE to schools

Chhattisgarh RTE: Every child has the right to educate. To ensure that they are not facing any issues for going to the schools and also to their parents. The prime cause of hurdle for most of them is lack of finance to pay the fees of the schools for education. As they are not having enough money, instead of going to schools they move out to earn their livelihood.

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Children’s are having a right to educate themselves to improve their standard of living and not to earn money at such an early age. In order to facilitate this process, the government of Chhattisgarh has started various Government Schemes. It is mainly intended to help these kids to have their proper education and not to waste their time over earning at such an early age.

Admission process for Chhattisgarh RTE

Educational sector of Chhattisgarh is accepting applications for the admission year of 2018-19. Each and every child interested in educating themselves can apply for the same. They provided with the assistance which might be required in order to help them to achieve their primary education with ease.

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This help limited to the kids who are poor financially and are not capable of handling the fees required for their education. They need to provide the proof for their poor financial background for the education then only they provided with the desired assistance.

The kids who are eligible and are willing to apply can submit their details to the online application. It makes the process easier by moving them over the online rte portal. This permit that the scheme is spread over a large group of audiences. Thereby a large group of people can take benefit of this scheme if it is applicable to them.

Method to apply for the scheme

The individuals who want to apply for the scheme should go over the portal which is made for the admission process of this scheme which is One should then click on the live registration link which is available over the portal. This will direct you to the registration portal for the students.

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The portal opened ask for various details of the student in order to have a thorough record of the applications submitted to the portal. It required you fill up with a form with proper attention and also re-check the complete form after filling completely. This will help you to ensure that there is no mistake in filling up the application form.

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Once all the details checked thoroughly & verified can submit the details by clicking on the submit button which is provided. It will result in submitting all the information which you have provided in the application form to the corresponding authorities. It takes some time gap for the respective authorities to access your application and give details about acceptance or rejection of your application.

Procedure for acceptance of the application

As the application accepted the further process will be initiated. This would include providing the seat allotment to the students who have applied for the scheme. There even a facility where these authorities will be monitoring the activities of these students by their aadhar cards. It keeps them updated with all the progress made by the student in their studies.

There are total of 11 thousand schools which comes under the private sector. The total seats which come under the RTE are more than 45 thousand. The total number of schools in the state is more than about 61 thousand. This number clearly signifies that there is a substantial amount of seats available for the kids who are not capable enough to afford the fees of the private sector schools.

This will encourage these kids for RTE online application and get their desired school with a great range of financial assistance, which will encourage the culture of having the primary education among these students. It will ultimately lead to an increase in the literacy rate among the kids of the nation and thereby will be leading to the further development of the nation.

Submission of complaints regarding the process

A possibility someone not satisfied with one or the other method which is served to them by the scheme. Even there an issue with the portal itself which can hinder the individual to properly submit the details online. It required that the scheme running smoothly both online and offline in order to ensure that each and every individual getting the maximum benefit of the same.

Visit here for Chhattisgarh Complaint Registration

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It required to ensure that various complaints have done are dealt with accuracy and rapidly. They have thereby designed the portal where you can submit the application based on your specific query. Thereby segregating all of the complaints which made based on the topic with which they are related. This further helps in providing an effective solution to the complaints done.

Once a complaint submitted it go through the process of review through experts. They will try to resolve your complaints at the earliest possible time you can proceed with your process of application. Even it will provide guidance on how you can proceed further after facing this problem and what is the most effective way of solving your issue. It will help you in solving your problem with the greatest ease.

Chhattisgarh RTE education Admission (2018 – 2019) DEO / Nodal / DPI Login

Chhattisgarh DEO LoginChhattisgarh DPI Login

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Chhattisgarh Nodal Login

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Download Chhattisgarh Registration Manual (डाउनलोड आरटीई छत्तीसगढ़ ऑनलाइन प्रवेश 2018-19 रजिस्ट्रेशन मैन्युअल)


Chhattisgarh RTE education is an amazing scheme for helping the kids to complete their primary education. It addresses their concerns related to finances if they are not capable of paying the fees of the schools. They provide seats for these individuals they can focus on their education rather than going out for earning for their households. Thereby improve the literacy rate of the nation and also an improvement in the lifestyle of these individuals.

  • Chhattisgarh RTE Official Website:
  • Chhattisgarh DEO: Satyadev Verma
  • RTE Chhattisgarh DEO Contact Number: 0771 400 2694
  • Chhattisgarh DEO Support Mail:
  • RTE Chhattisgarh Contact Details:
  • Chhattisgarh  School Education Minister: Kedarnath Kashyap


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