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Until 2012 Manipur did not exist as an independent state and the entire area was under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Gauhati. It was in that year when reforms began to be made on the organization of several states of India, including the Northeast areas, due to which Manipur was established as a state, and in March 2013 the creation of the Manipur High Court was decreed, which would be located in the city of Imphal, the state capital, which is why it is also called Imphan High Court.manipur high court

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Manipur High Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India

Chief Justice of Manipur

Currently in the High Court of Manipur there is no judge occupying the position of Chief Justice, but instead there is the Hon’ble Mr. Justice N. Kotiswar Singh, Acting Chief Justice. This renowned man was born on May 1, 1963 in the city of Imphal, Manipur. His university studies were done at Delhi University, where he graduated with honors in Political Science in 1983, and then at Delhi University, where he obtained his Degree in Law in 1986. His specialties are Civil, Criminal, Constitutional and Service matters.

He began practicing as a lawyer in 1986 and practiced in the Supreme Court of India, the Gauhati High Court, the Central Administrative Court, Guwahati and the District Subordinate Courts and several other Tribunals of Manipur.

In 2011 he obtained the position of judge of Gauhati High Court, and then in 2013 he was transferred to the new High Court of Manipur to continue exercising as a judge. As of July 1, 2017, it is appointed to perform the duties of the office of Chief Justice of the High Court of Manipur.

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Manipur High Court Case Status

With just entering the website of the Manipur High Court you can select from the menu the “Case Status” tab and access the digitized databases of the Manipur High Court, with all the information about the cases, ordered from a simple way for you to easily find what you need.

The Case Status tab has three categories, each with subcategories to make the search easier. The Manipur High Court Case Status category contains cases ordered by: Case Number, FIR Number, Party Name, Advocate Name, Filing Number, Act and Case Type.

The Case Orders category has its cases sorted by: Case Number, Judge Wise, Party Name and Order Date. The third category is the manipur high court daily cause listCause List and has no subcategories.

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