Orissa High Court

The Orissa High Court inaugurated on July 26, 1948, after an extensive fight to create a High Court in the region. There not previously a High Court, because the state of Orissa belonged to the vast province of Bengal Presidency. Over the years, it gave way to different separations, finally forming the state of Orissa or Odisha.

After the independence of India, in 1947, it was that the government recognized the need to create a High Court in the region.

Orissa High Court: History

At the beginning of the year 1948, some states merged to the province of Orissa, so on April 30 of that same year, the government issued an order for the creation of the High Court of Orissa, based in Cuttack.

On July 5 of that year, the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of India opened the Orissa High Court, with Shri Bira Kishore Ray as Chief Justice. Currently, the court has a sanctioned judge strength of 27.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Orissa High Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India

Orissa High Court: Chief Justice

The current Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court is the Honorable Shri Justice Vineet Saran, who has served since February 26, 2016. Vineet Saran graduated from the university in 1976 and started in the world of the High Court in 1980 with practices at the Allahabad High Court, where he stayed until February 2002.

After that he promoted to Permanent Judge, transferred to be Judge of Karnataka High Court in 2015 and, finally, promoted to the Chief Justice of Orissa High Court on 26th February 2016.

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Orissa High Court: Website

On the website of the Orissa High Court you can review the following information:

  • Cause list: you can review the cause list in different categories and different days, both in its web version and in PDF format
  • Case Status: you can see the case status of any case belonging to the Orissa High Court. In the button “Cause Status” you can access the option to search using the case number, party or advocate
  • Judgments: in the button “Judgment / Final Orders” you can review the information regarding the judgments, with the filters of Case number, Judgment name, Judgment date and party name.

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Orissa High Court Website: http://www.orissahighcourt.nic.in

High Court Contact Number: 0671-2508429

Orissa High Court Fax Number: 2508507

High Court Email Enquiry service: highcourt.or@nic.in

Orissa High Court Address: 

National Informatic Center,

Cuttack, Odisha