Tripura High Court

The Tripura High Court is one of the most recent courts in India, since it was founded in 2013, after several restructuring was made to the organization of the states of India, in which everything that was known as the Nort-Eastern Areas was separated and became several states, among them the state of Tripura. Before this procedure all this territory was under the judicial jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court, specifically the permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court that was located in Agartala since 1992, and with jurisdiction over the entire territory of Tripura. Thus the headquarters of the Tripura High Court was founded in the city of Agartala, the capital of Tripura, on March 23, 2013, and had as its first Chief Justice the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Deepak Gupta.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Tripura High Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India

Chief Justice of Tripura

The current Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court is the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ajay Rastogi, who was born on June 18, 1958 in Rajasthan. He began to practice as a lawyer in March 1982, devoting himself especially to the Constitutional, Service and Labor Law matters.

He worked as a permanent lawyer in several courts and public and private institutions, such as the Rajasthan High Court, Rajasthan Financial Corporation, Board of Secondary Education of Rajasthan, banking institutions, Board of Electricity and Educational Institutions.

He began to practice as a judge in the supreme court of Rajasthan, in September 2004, and remained working until he was transferred to the High Court of Tripura and took oath as Chief Justice in March 2018.

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Background of the Tripura High Court

Long before the existence of the Tripura High Court, before there even existed the jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court over the territory of Tripura, the tribes sought their own methods to enforce the law and maintain order. Around 1874, two Magisterial Courts and a Civil Court were established in Agartala. Shortly afterwards two criminal courts of special jurisdiction were founded, one on the hill-tribes and another on the Bengalees and Manipuris, but in spite of this the majority of the laws and decrees to be promulgated were subject to the consent of the Maharaja. To get the Tripura High Court Case status visit the official website of Tripura High Court.

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