WB Land Reforms

Receive right information regarding land records in West Bengal

Same as like Telangana Web land there are many lands in West Bengal which is owned by different individuals located over there. It is required to keep a track record of the individuals who are owning those properties in order to know about the same. This will require keeping a detail track record of the ownership of the lands and also keeping them updated with the latest change in ownership of a particular land of WB Land Reforms.

WB Land
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This portal will help the people to know who owns a particular land if they are willing to purchase the same or willing to perform certain function over the same. It will thereby help them to contact the right person who is owning the land to get the desired permission for performing their desired function. It is thereby making the life easy in terms of getting information at a single doorstep.

Maintenance of the WB Land Reforms portal

The maintenance of the land records in West Bengal over the portal won’t be easy as there will be many changes going on over the ownership of a particular land. It requires constant observation and monitoring and also having the desired support individuals who can immediately upload the latest information over the portal thereby giving the right information whenever it is extracted from the portal.

WB Land records
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The government of West Bengal has taken this initiative of maintaining all the records online. It can thereby be considered as one of the most important steps which will be helping a numerous number of individuals who are residing in West Bengal. They have incorporated a large support staff which is constantly monitoring the changes in the ownership of various lands and thereby updating the same over the portal.

This will ultimately be helping the common individual to get the right information at their fingertips which was difficult in the earlier scenarios. Even many people used to misuse this opportunity of lack of information over their favour and thereby were fooling the common people. This initiative will lower such cases as people are able to get their desired information quite easily.

Benefits of using the online portal

There are numerous benefits of making this information made available over the online portal. One can use the portal which is best satisfying their needs of performing a certain task. We have discussed here few such benefits which you can have by using this online portal.

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  1. As the maps will be available about various areas which are located in West Bengal over this portal with their complete details one can easily access the same and use it for their own need. Even it is not required to consult any of the individuals to get the information which is desired which will result in a maximum output from them.
  2. One also doesn’t need to roam at different places for the want of any information. All the information is available over a single portal which makes it handy for these individuals to collect the same and use it for their own benefit.
  3. This portal will also permit you to view all the records which are linked with the lands over their online portal. It will permit the data to be available to all individuals located in any part of the world.
  4. It will also help in reducing the amount of theft of lands which is currently occurring. This will mainly result in all the data about West Bengal land will be transparent enough and everybody can view the same over the online portal. Thereby it will discourage the amount of theft which might be occurring.
  5. You can get all the details about your land by just submitting little information for filtering out the details. This will help to get the most accurate information available for you instantly over the online portal.

These benefits are encouraging to make all the information being available to the general public through an online portal. It will thereby be beneficial to a large number of individuals who are living in West Bengal.

WB Land Reforms

Steps to find out the right information

There are few of the steps which are required to be followed to extract the right information which is required regarding a particular land. We have discussed here the steps in a sequential order to be followed in order to get the right information without struggling much for finding the same.

  1. First, you should go to the online portal which is serving all the information which is banglarbhumi.gov.in. This website is designed and managed by their own government.
  2. Over the homepage which is opened, you should first go to the citizen service tab which will have its own drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, you can select the option of “Know your property”.
  3. This will lead you to the page which will be used for searching the right property details from the database which is maintained over the portal. There are various filter fields provided which can be filled up based on the information which we are willing to obtain. Each of the information you fill will take some time to update the next information so that it is related to the first one. Once you have filled all the information you can click on the submit button to get all the information which is desired. Select the property from the list which is opened to get the details of the same.

These are steps which one can use to surf the online portal. It will help you to find the right information about a particular land quite easily and also get all the detailed information about the same from the portal. This will also thereby reduce the burden on the individual who is going to purchase any property to get all the details about the concerned land.

WB Land Reforms
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Thus, we can say that it is highly beneficial to develop a portal which can give all the details about the land record in West Bengal is available in a particular location. Same is the case with the portal which is developed for West Bengal. It will also facilitate in the reduction of the theft in the concerned location as everyone is capable of getting the information about any particular property.

  • WB Land Reforms Website: http://banglarbhumi.gov.in
  • West Bengal Website: https://wb.gov.in
  • WB Land Reforms Minister: Mamata Banerjee
  • WB Land Reforms Minister Address: Nabanna 14th Floor, 325, Sarat Chattarjee Road,Madirtala, P.S.- Shibpur, Howrah, 711 102
  • WB Land Reforms Contact Number: 2214 5555,2214 3101
  • WB Land Reforms Minister Support Mail: cm-wb@nic.in

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