Chennai high court

Chennai High Court:

The Supreme Court of Chennai, also known as the supreme court of Madras, is the highest court in the state of Tamil Nadu and is one of the three superior courts of India. It has Jurisdiction over the city of Madras and over the complete state of Tamil Nadu, in civil, criminal matters and any subject of the resources that contemplated in the constitution of India.

Here we bring you more detailed information about this important court of India, like who is its Chief Justice, how to access the Chennai High Court Causes Status and the Daily Orders of Madras High Court, among others.

The composition of the Chennai High Court

The Chennai High Court, also known as the Madras High Court, is composed of several judges, magistrates, Gazetted Officers, and other officials. Specifically, they are the following:

The Chief Justice of Chennai High Court, District Judges, Senior Civil Judges, Other Civil Judges, Judges of Criminal Sessions, Senior Magistrates, Assistants to Judges, Other Judicial Magistrates, the Gazetted Officers, the Registrar General, the Judicial Registrar, Registrar of Vigilance, Registrar of IT cum Statistics, Registrar  of Management, Officer on Special Duty, Registrar of District Judiciary and Registrar of Administration.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Chennai High Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India

Chief Justice of the Chennai High Court

 The Chief Justice of the Chennai High Court is the Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Indira Banerjee, born on September 24, 1957, studied law at the Calcutta University College of Law, graduating as an attorney in 1985 and beginning to practice immediately in all legal areas of the Calcutta High Court, with the exception of the criminal area. Since 2002 she served as the permanent judge of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, but in 2016 transferred to the Supreme Court of Dehli, where she assumes the position of Chief Justice of Madras High Court in April 2017.

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Chennai High Court Cause Lists

If you need to know the scheduling of the cases that will attend soon by the High Court of Madras. You only need to access the database contained in the “Cause Lists” section of the website of this court.

There you can download in PDF format the Madras High Court Cause lists and from all related court. Such as the Madurai bench and the district or Taluk Courts. To locate your specific scheduling you will only have to provide simple information such as the Court, the Judge or the corresponding case number.

Chennai High Court Case Status

Very similar to the section of Cause Lists, the Madras high court case status will allow you to access the databases of this court and all related courts to know what is pending cases to dealt with by these judicial institutions, or what are the cases that have already concluded, being able to know in addition which has been the corresponding verdict.

To access the detailed data you will only need to enter some basic information. such as the case number, the names of the Petitioner and the respondent, or the name of the lawyer in the case.

If you do not find what you need in this section of the page. Then go to the Chennai high court Judgements tab. Here you can find this same information about the cases and their verdicts but with more details.

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