Delhi District Courts

Delhi District Courts

Delhi, being the capital territory of India, naturally has a large population, so it is necessary to have a wide variety of district courts in Delhi to meet all the demand for legal cases. Thus, this metropolitan state divided into six judicial districts, and there is a court for each of them.

All are able to deal with civil, family and criminal law cases, among others. Here we will detail a bit about the information of each of the Delhi districts Courts.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Delhi District Court then having an option to transfer the cases to High Court of Delhi and can also transfer to Supreme Court of India

Tis Hazari Courts

This Delhi district Court is rather a complex located in Old Delhi, which extends for several blocks of what is known as the central district. This set of buildings began to be built in 1953 and inaugurated in March 1958 with the presence of AN Bhandari, who by then was the president of the Supreme Court of Punjab.

This complex contains several civil and criminal courts and the main building of the District Court in Delhi, where the District Judge is located.

Karkardooma Courts

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It is another court complex located east of Delhi district. Its current location founded in 1993, and consists of the criminal courts of the eastern and north-eastern districts, such as courts of civil judges, matrimonial courts, Labor and Industrial Courts, among others.

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Patiala House Courts

This complex located in the former palace of Maharaja de Patiala and it also known as the New Delhi Courts Complex. It is composed of the criminal courts of New Delhi, and those belonging to the southern and southwestern districts. In this complex, there are two special IWC Courts.

Rohini Courtsrohoni court

As its name implies, this Delhi District court complex is located in the Rohini area. It inaugurated in January 2006 and contains 33 operating courts. That cover various cases in criminal, matrimonial, rental, and even car accidents matters. As long as they belong to the districts of the west and northwest.

Dwarka Courts

This district Court complex completed in 2008 and its inauguration attended by Mr. Justice KG Balakrishnan, who at that time was the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India. The courts of this complex carry cases pertaining to the South West District and also from the IGI Airport.

Saket Courtssaket courts

It is the most recent judicial complex all district courts since it inaugurated in 2010. The court covers the cases of the Southern Civil District and the police districts of the south and southeast, transferred from the Patiala House Courts. Delhi has several courts that cover civil, criminal and even claims for car accidents matters.

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Delhi District Court Website: http://www.delhidistrictcourts.nic.in