Effective management With Telangana Treasury-DDOREQ

Effective management of the funds with the treasury of Telangana

DDOREQ: It required that funds in each of the state has managed in a proper manner to have a smooth flow of the money without any kind of issues/concerns. They have their own skilled personals who quite expert in keeping a constant watch over the funds has moved in the state. It will help in monitoring the budget of the corresponding state quite effectively and the Telangana Government is managing the funds effectively.

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There are many factors where actively taking part in the same which all needs to addressed by the concerned organisation. As most of the government transactions are now taking place online, the monitoring of these transactions would become quite easier. It will even provide support in terms of giving the desired response for correcting the faulty financial transactions.

Modernising the current financial transactions-DDOREQ

With the advent of technology, most of the processes has become quite easier and thereby it is capable of giving the desired output. They are capable of providing on the spot service for performing any of the particular tasks. Even the transactions with which we dealing performed quite efficiently and effectively to get the output which desired.

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Employees which are working over here are re-engineering the complete process to provide the services with best possible output and in most efficient manner. Even there have many reforms seen in various departments in recent times which has making the processes to move online along with moving the financial part over online basis.

Some of the services which included in upgrading the systems include human resource management systems, online tax payments, treasury, National Pension Scheme etc. Even it is capable of providing the employee pay details over the ddoreq online portal. It will provide effective monitoring of these services and along with permitting the services to work efficiently.

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Monitoring mechanism of a different system

With the advent and acceptance of online mechanism, it possible to monitor numerous kinds of systems which linked with payment transactions. Some of the systems which  monitores include passing bills, lapsed deposit, bills, governance receipt, electronic payment etc. All these transactions accomplished quite effectively along with quite rapidly. One can obtain the desired details by giving the ddoreq request to get the information which they need.

This monitoring and performing the transactions will provide an efficient means of controlling the same. And maintaining the transaction of the state as per the budget which decided. It will help in the efficient development of the state in terms of steady development and thereby developing a mechanism which is capable of keeping a constant watch over the transactions. As a development, numerous ways are developed which has helping in monitoring the desired transactions.


Thus, we can say that Telangana treasury is developed in order to have an effective monitoring of the financial transactions which are performed by the state government. It has developed means which will modernise these transactions and will thereby help in monitoring them. It will facilitate to maintain the transactions based on the budget which decided.

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