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About Goir Telangana

Goir Telangana: There are many different types of government in every state. Each of them is having their own way of making their decisions work. And thereby make their state develop as a national leader among other states. For that, it is required for the government to take many decisions. Which can substantially affect the state either financially or the happiness of their citizens.

Some of these decisions are quite bold and difficult. Even it turns out to be difficult to reveal them to the general public. This is mainly because as every individual is having their own way of thinking. One can’t think in a manner which is in the development of the state which can hinder their thinking big. It is thereby a good decision if some of the strong decisions, if not required, are not disclosed to the general public.

Image Source: goir.telangana.gov.in

Government orders made publicly accessible

In view to making the functioning of the government transparent, Telangana government has developed a Telangana Goir website where they will be sharing all the details about their orders passed. It will let all the normal public to have access to the Telangana government orders. And thereby get a glimpse about what will be their likely impact over their life.

This decision has taken in the view of making the government transparent with regard to all the decisions which they are taking. It will definitely appreciate by the normal public as they will now get a chance to know the decisions which their government is taking for their development. One can thereby even use this portal for their benefit of getting the idea about its effect prior to itself.

There are many different departments which are provided over the portal. Decisions which are made in these all departments will available arranged in a sequential manner so that one can access them easily. It will thereby help the government regarding not to answer many of the questions. Which the normal public is asking about what they are doing for the state development.

Drawbacks regarding the launch of the Goir portal

In addition to the advantages of the portal even there are corresponding disadvantages linked with the same. One should have a clear idea about the both in order to clear about the way they will affect by the portal. As many of the normal public is not so aware of the actual effect of various decisions. There will much negativity for the spread in many of the cases which can even effect the actual implementation of the decisions.

Even when the government has taken any of the wrong decision, they would have to face extreme consequences as all things will be publicly accessible. It would hinder the government in order to take strong decisions which required for the development of the state. Thereby it required that normal public works in co-operation with the government. In order to have smooth functioning of the same.


Thus, we can say that there are many advantages to implementing the online portal. Every decision of the Telangana government is available with its corresponding drawbacks too. One should be aware of the both in order to ensure that the government is working in co-operation with the normal public for the development of the state.

Important Details of Telangana Goir

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