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About Registration and Stamps Department in Andhra Pradesh

One of the oldest departments of Andhra Pradesh is the Registration and Stamps Department Andhra Pradesh. It was established even before India’s independence from the British Empire, in 1864. The primary aim of this department to give publicity to the documents that are registered.

A document’s registration is basically a notice given to a citizen in the form of authentic recorded information. It gives citizens the liberty of verifying the records and enquiring about the title, right, and also obligations on any property that is immovable. The department also plays the role of a “Royal record keeper.”

Royal record keeper

It means that the age-old documents and records are kept by the department, and they also provide copies of those records that they hold. These records can act as the validation of authenticity in the Court of Law.

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Revenue is collected by the AP Registration and Stamps Department in the form of Transfer Duty, Registration Fees, and Stamp Duty. At this point, the AP registration IGRS department ranks third in the list of the most significant departments earning revenue in Andhra Pradesh.

The Important Acts of Registration and Stamps Department Andhra Pradesh

1. Registration Act of 1908The Registration Act has been monitoring the registration of legal documents for properties, since the year 1908. It deals with both movable and immovable properties.

Registration Act
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2. Hindu Marriage Act of 1955

After a Hindu Marriage is solemnized; registration is done according to the policies mentioned in the Hindu Marriage Act. It passed in the year 1955.

  • The Sub-registrar of the place where the solemnization takes place can do the registration of the marriage
  • The Sub-registrar of the place where either the bride and groom or the bride resides can do the registration
  • This Act also permits the DIG/ District Registrar concerned to register marriages in his area.
Hindu Marriage Act
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3. Indian Stamp Act of 1899

The Indian Stamp Act was passed in the year 1899. Registration and Stamps Department Andhra Pradesh is nothing but a fiscal Act that aims at governing the State’s revenues in the form of levying the Stamp Duty. The revenue collected in this way forms one of the most significant sources of revenue for the government of the state.

4. Indian Partnership Act of 1932The Indian Partnership Act of 1932 deals with the registration of Partnership firms in Andhra Pradesh. The deciding authority for registering firms is the District Registrar.

5. The Indian Christian Marriages Act of 1954The pastors that the government appoints, solemnizes the marriages. You will easily get your marriage certificate AP.

The Indian Christian Marriages Act
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6. P. Societies Registration Act of 2001

Under the A.P. Societies Registration Act of 2001, the Registrar registers the public societies that formed for educational, religious, and charitable purposes besides others. At the time of registration of these societies, the deciding authority is the District Registrar.

7. Special Marriages Act of 1954Under the Special Marriages Act of 1954 marriages in Andhra Pradesh are not only solemnized but also registered. This act states that all up-registers are Marriage Officers.

8. The A.P. Non-Trading Companies Act of 1962This Act of 1962 deals with the registration of the nontrading companies in the I.G. Assistant and the O/o Commissioner. I.G is basically a component for registering nontrading organizations and companies.

9. The Chit Funds Act of 1982Under the Chit Funds Act of 1982, the Department handles these issues:

  • Registering Chits – Agreement
  • Resolution of disputes between Foreman and chit members through arbitration
  • Filling of amendments and minutes
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10. The Notaries Act of 1952The powers of issuing, appointing, and renewing the Notaries’ Licenses in Andhra Pradesh depends on the Government.

Society Registration and its procedure

Users have to submit the online application along with relevant documents and informational details. Payment and also takes place on the online portal. After the payment complete, the candidate’s original documents need to send to the office of the District Registrar.

The documents that the District Registrar receives will be verified in his office by the Senior Assistant, and the details will be matched with the online form of application.

Requested to approve

If no faults found, the District Officer requested to approve the registration of the applicant. And If the verification process is not successful, they will direct the candidate to make the required changes to this application form.

After the District Officer recommended to approve a specific registration by his Senior Assistant, the registration will be accepted by him. He not only approves but and also digitally signs every registration certificate.

If some errors found in the application form filled by the applicant, and the District Officer will approve his registration and sign the certificate digitally only if there no errors in the form.

Online Application Form Required for e – Registration of Society

The form that you need to fill up for society registration is available online. You have to visit the official website of Registration and Stamps Department Andhra Pradesh and also upload all details that they think relevant to complete the process.

At the time of entering information about yourself, you have to enter your name, address, gender, residential address, contact number, and also email address, country, etc. At the time of entering information about the society, write the society’s name, and the category of the society, etc.

SBI Notification Key Points

Procedure for Partnership Firm Registration-Registration and Stamps Department Andhra Pradesh

For firm registration AP, go through these two points:

  1. The Indian Partnership Act of 1932 contains all rules and regulations about the partnership firm and its registration.
  2. Section 58 of this act states that any time the registration of a firm can do. It is not mandatory to register immediately at the time of the formation of a partnership firm.
  3. All you have to do is fill up the application form. In the application form, you need to mention your firm’s name. The central place of your business, names of other places (if any) where your firm operates, etc.

If you go through the procedure, you will quickly get the AP certified copy partnership registration certificate within a short span of time.


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