TS Online Scholarship Program via EPass

Online Scholarship program via EPass Telangana for your kids

TS EPass: It is extremely required that students who are good in studies and financially poor, are provided with the desired financial support to make them educated. Education is the key requirement for any of the state to develop. It will help them to educate themselves and thereby contribute towards the development of the state in their respective areas.

TS e-Pass Scholarship Scheme
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In order to promote that Telangana has provided an online EPass Telangana system where students are having a facility to provide for the scholarship online. This has been done as there is a large number of students who are under the OBC, SC, BC, ST and such castes who are financially backward. They will be receiving benefits in terms of scholarship so that it promotes the culture of education among these castes.

Registration and checking the TS EPass status of applied applications for scholarship

There are numerous kids who have applied over the portal for the scholarship program. These kids are normally from the backward castes and thereby having a poor financial background. The individuals who are having a poor financial background and thereby are not capable of paying the fees for quality education are entitled to getting the scholarship.

TS Epass
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The online portal available where one can register by providing all the details required for getting the desired scholarship. Portal also accepts new students registration either applying for pre-metric or post-metric applications. The site is even allowing checking the epass status of the application which is already applied in order get the idea about the application.

This feature will smoothen the process of application as one can apply with a simple process of filling the online application. It will allow you to be saved from the tiresome process of standing in queues of filling the application. Even it will save your valuable time of visiting the organization, again and again, to know the status of your application as the same can be effectively obtained over the online portal.

Acceptance of the application

The application and the system basically designed in order to smoothen the process. It also ensures that the individuals who are getting benefited from the scheme are in the real sense from the backward category. Even the financial condition of these individuals checked in order to ensure that they are not giving support to wrong individuals.

Individuals who are having the income lower than 1 lakh annually are eligible for getting this scholarship for their study. It verifies the details which are supplied in the application and also to get accurate information about the applicant of the same. If everything is found in order then finally the application of the same accepted.


Thus, we can say that Telangana Government has provided an amazing opportunity for its people who are financially poor and thereby are not capable to pay the education fees. TS Epass accepts the registration from the backward castes online and then move with the verification process of the application. Mainly to identify the application which is most suitable to be accepted for providing support to the most deserving child.

  • Telangana Education Minister Name: Sri Kadiayam SriHari
  • Telangana Education Minister Contact Number: 040-23459922, 23322228
  • TS EPass Official Website: http://epass.cgg.gov.in
  • TS EPass Website: https://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in
  • Telangana Government Official Website: http://www.telangana.gov.in
  • TS EPass Office Address: Project Monitoring Unit, SPIU, Ground Floor, Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Sankshema Bhavan (DSS Bhavan), Opp : Chacha Nehru Park, Masab Tank, Hyderabad
  • TS EPass Contact Number: 040 2312 0311, 23120312 (For Technical Issues), 040 2339 0228 (For General Issues)
  • The TS EPass Support Mail: help.telanganaepass@cgg.gov.in
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