SSMMS Telangana

Managing the sand sales and its monitoring by SSMMS Telangana

TSMDC department of Telangana takes care of all minerals & resources escalated in the state. There are many different tasks which require sand. It is difficult to find quality sand which can be used for a particular task. This mainly results in each and every task requires a particular kind of sand which can improve the productivity of the task. It is thereby required to have an organization which can judge and makes the quality of sand for a particular task to be performed.

Sand Sales Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS Telangana) is one such organization which is started by the government of Telangana in order to maintain the sand quality before it is delivered. They are digging the quality sand and thereby processing the same to make them ready for final use. It requires many different processes which improve the quality of the sand.

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Book your required sand from the online portal-SSMMS Telangana

The Government of Telangana has developed an online portal for booking of the sand which is required by the public or any organization. Portal provides a facility for booking the required sand from the online application which is available over the portal. It makes the application process quite quick and effective to be made with the desired accuracy and rapidly.

Even the portal is supporting the payment for the sand via net banking while you perform the online sand booking over the platform. It helps rapidly placing the required order to be delivered at a much rapid pace. Based on the order they are even having the facility to prepare the required quality of sand for the order which is received.

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The portal also provides the facility for tracking the order which you have placed over the portal. It will provide details about the progress which is achieved with the order which you have placed. This will help you to get a clear idea of the time which will be required for completion of the order which you have placed. They are having substantial experience in terms of delivering the right quantity and quality of the sand.

Services provided over the order

After you place the order, SSMMS will also provide you with the transportation service of your sand order. It will provide the service to deliver the sand at your location on time with the desired accuracy. They are even having the facility of tracking the delivery which they have dispatched in order to know whether it is delivered to you on time or not.

Once you receive the order you can also get the e-receipt from the portal which is available online. It will help you to cope up with a large number of pages being used for documentation work as most of the tasks are handled in an online database with higher accuracy. This will also be helpful in getting the desired idea of the order at the right time. Track the booked Telangana sand status online


Thus, we can order the sand and thereby have complete tracking of the order in a proper manner with the help of monitoring system which is developed by SSMMS online portal. They manage the complete order and their transportation from their online portal. Even they provide the receipt of the completed order from their online portal which will reduce the usage of paper.

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