Telangana Land Records Updation Programme-LRUP

About Telangana Land Records Updating Programme

Telangana Land Records Updation Programme: It is extremely required for all the states to have a precise record of all the land like Telangana Government which it contains.

The record which maintained should contain the details of the owner, its past owner, its land area, location and other such relevant details. This will be helpful when there is a need to retrieve the details about the owner of any of the particular lands in Telangana Land Records Updating Programme.


As it is accessible to any of the normal public, any of the individuals can identify the rightful owner of the particular land. It will also reduce the chances of fraud which is occurring at many of the locations.

Thereby it will be making the complete system transparent so that the public can remain to rest assured against the fraud ant which otherwise was occurring.

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Details provided by Land Records Updation program-LRUP

There are many details which are collected under the Telangana Land Records Updation Program. Some of these details include the report as per the state of different land which is present, progress reports and also the analytical reports of the same.

Based on the search criteria submitted it will also provide details like the owner’s name, their father’s name, nature of the land, classification of land, etc.

Telangana Land Records Updating Programme
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All these information provided to use in case of need. One should not use this information for any kind of misuse or to perform any of the misconduct. It even keeping records about the problems identified related to the particular land which has under consideration.

If there are problems which are pending then they will be moved further to solving. Telangana Pahani is an important system which keeps all the track record details about the land which will include owner’s details, area, assessment and so on.

Telangana Pahani
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The details which obtained will available over a single portal which reduces the burden on the individual who searching for the information.

They can just check a single portal to get access to each and every information which they want for performing their desired work task. It will thereby help in smoothening down the process to a much greater extent.

Records Update programme

Under Telangana land records updating programme (Tland), the government is taking precautionary measures so that all the data which is available is continuously updated over the portal.

It also required to ensure that the data which entered has error-free and the unsolved things sent to solving them. Even there a facility where one can submit their data to review which afterwards will update over the portal.

Telangana Webland
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This portal is signifying the transparency which is provided by the Telangana Government to their people. It will act as much support to the individuals who are in real need of any of such information at any time of their life. Thereby it will help to simplify the different processes which otherwise were difficult to solve by the common people.


Thus, we can say that there is a great need to keep all the land records over the online portal. Which can help the individual when the need arises. This move by the government of providing all information also showcases the amount of transparency. Which government is also willing to provide to their members of their state.

Important Details of Telangana Land Records Updation Programme

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