Track Land via TS Maa Bhoomi Portal

Track Land via TS Maa Bhoomi Portal

Track Land via TS Maa Bhoomi Portal: It is required to have all the records of the land which is used in the Telangana State. This will help to retrieve a particular record when there is a need. Even you can Check Telangana Pahani Records with the help of the online portal of Maa Bhoomi Telangana which is allowing you to search for the particular details. It will even facilitate the effective maintenance of the record.

Telangana Pahani
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In view of this Telangana government has decided to develop a portal which can provide all the information about the land which is contained in Telangana. This can provide support to the individuals in terms of getting all the information over a single portal. Even the portal which developed quite user-friendly which can make people to easily access the portal.

Using the portal of maa Bhoomi in Telangana

One can easily access the maa Bhoomi portal which is developed by the government of Telangana. This portal allows easy searching for the specific property which you are willing to possess so that you can access all the legal records instantly. The website which developed also mobile friendly so that every user can also access the portal in their cellular devices.

Telangana Pahani
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The portal is also providing all the legal documents which are related to any of the particular property. It allows easy access to each of these documents whenever there is a need. Thus it will permit effortless functioning of the system so that you have access to all the documents at one single portal. They can thereby download at any time and from anywhere from the portal.

One can select the option from the menu bar available on the website based on their need for the information about a particular land. It will thereby help them to select the option which is best satisfying their need for obtaining the information about the land. Even there is a search feature available to search for a particular property effectively.

Facilities available over the maa Bhoomi portal

There is a number of features available over the portal which one can also utilize for their benefit. In addition to the details and documents related to the land, there is also a facility of linking the Aadhar with Telangana Pahani (To our existing land). It will help in easily identifying the owner of the land in the government records which will ensure effective record keeping over the portal.

Even there is a facility to get the map of the village where you are intending to visit. The complaints which made regarding a particular land can also check on the portal. They will showcase their status of the application and thereby one can get the idea about the time it will require for the resolution of the complaint.


Thus, we can say that it quite important to have a centralised record of all the land property over the portal Which is developed by the government of Telangana. As this portal is accessible by an individual one can get information about the landowners. And also their relevant details from the online portal itself. It also provides details about the status of the complaints done.

Important Details of Maa Bhoomi Telangana