Calcutta High Court Case Status

Calcutta High Court Case Status

Calcutta High Court is the oldest India High Court. The High Court of Calcutta buildings design is based on Belgium’s Cloth Hall Ypres. The court has sanctioned 72 Judges to deal with the cases.

The Calcutta court has jurisdiction over the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and West Bengal state. Here you can get the complete information to find the Calcutta High Court Case Status.

Calcutta High Court Case Status

Here you can get the details information on disposed and pending cases of High court of Calcutta. Get the Calcutta high Court Case status on entering the case then you will find your court case status.

To get the court case details of Calcutta High Court, need to get the following details:

  1. Case No.
  2. Petitioner Name /Respondent Name
  3. Advocates Name

To Get the Case Status of Calcutta High Court, Click the link.

Information to find the Case status of High Court of Calcuttacalcutta high court case status image

After entering to the case status page, the user can find search options. By using those you can retrieve your case information like either it is pending or disposed. The search options are as follows:

  • Case No Search
  • Party Search
  • Advocate Search

1. By Clicking the Case Number link choose your High Court of Calcutta from the drop-down list and click on submit and then choose the type of the Case and enter the case number along with the year of the case.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Chennai High Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Supreme Court of India, Click here to find the Supreme Court Case Status

2. The User has an option to search the case status by Party search. After entering the site choose the Calcutta high court name along with the petitioner or respondent name and then select the year. Then the case status details can be displayed after submitting.

3. By using the Advocate search option also you can find the case status information. First, choose the Kolkata high court from the drop-down list and then enter the advocate name along with the year of the case. After submitting you will find your High court of Calcutta case status information.

You can also retrieve the information like Daily orders of Calcutta High Court and Display Board of Calcutta High Court and more information.

To get the All-State level High Courts information, you can find it in details in the following link. eCourts, Click the link and you can find all High Courts information from All over India.

Calcutta High Court Website:
Contact Number: 033 2248 7485
Email Id:
Address Info:
No.3, Esplanade Row (West),
West Bengal,
Pin code: 700001

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