Types of Aasara Pension

Types of Aasara Pension Scheme

Aasara pension scheme is an excellent initiative taken by the Government of Telangana. By this scheme, many people got the financial benefit. In a recent survey, it is proved that near about 42 lakhs people are getting benefited by this Types of Aasara Pension Scheme.

Aasara Pension Scheme-తెలంగాణ ఆసరా ఫింఛను పథకం

Scheme of Aasara Pension Types

There are 06 types of Aasara Pension and they are explained in the following below:

1: Disability Aasara Pension

Eligibility for Persons with disabilities Aasara Pension:

  • Regardless of age
  • Under SADAREM Assessment disabled persons should possess 40% minimum disability
  • Hear flaw disabled persons should possess 51% minimum disability

Documents required during verification:

  • SADAREM Certificate for disability and hear the flaw

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1500/-
SADAREM Telangana
Image Source: sadarem.telangana.gov.in

2.Old Age Pension

Eligibility for Persons with Old Age Aasara Pension: 

  • Age should be 65+

Documents required during verification:

  • For proof of age needs a Birth certificate, Aadhaar Card, voter ID (or) any document
  • If any of these documents are not available then the verification officer will verify the applicant’s age by verifying his children, grand children’s marriage etc
  • Or else the applicant will be verified his age through tests including Ossification by the medical board

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1000/-
Types of Aasara Scheme
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3: Toddy Tappers

Eligibility for Persons with Toddy Tappers Aasara Pension:

  • Age should be 50+

Documents required during verification:

  • Certification of the registered member in the Co-Operative Society of Toddy Tappers

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1000/-
aasara -తెలంగాణ ఆసరా ఫింఛను పథకం
Image Source: www.aasara.telangana.gov.in

4: Widow Pension

Eligibility for Persons with Widow Aasara Pension:

  • Age should be 18+
  • Husband Death Certificate
  • Updation on remarriage for young widows (age limit 45 years) every year

Documents required during verification:

  • Husband Death Certificate, if Husband Death Certificate is not available then under the birth and registration act a local enquiry can be made.

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1000/-
UP Widow Pension Scheme (Vidhwa)-SSPY Details
Image Source: www.sarita.in

5. Weavers Pension

Eligibility for Persons with Weavers Aasara Pension:

  • Age should be 50+

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1000/-
Aasara Status - ఆసరా స్థితి
Image Source: www.aasara.telangana.gov.in

6. ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) Pension

Eligibility for Persons with ART Pension:

  • The person with HIV Aids

Documents required during verification:

  • Medical Certificate of the applicant from the concerned hospital
  • Certification by the authority head of ART Centre

Pension Amount:

  • Rs. 1000/-

Important Details of Types of Aasara Pension
  • Aasara Pension Scheme Website: http://www.aasara.telangana.gov.in
  • Aasara Pension Scheme Helpline Number: 1800-200-1001
  • Honourable Telangana Rural Development Minister: Sri Jupally Krishna Rao
  • Telangana Rural Development Minister Contact Number: 9848014089, 9440617267, 040-23453207
  • Telangana Official Website: http://www.telangana.gov.in
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