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Visalaandhra is a Telugu Daily newspaper published in Andhra Pradesh in India. It launched on 22 June 1952 in Vijayawada. The newspaper started with the name Prajasakti and later the Communist party renamed it as Visalaandhra. The name is a combination of 2 words as “Visala means large and Andhra is a region”. The Visalaandhra played an important role in opposing the separating the Telangana from Andhra Pradesh which occurred in 1969 and also involved in 1974 Jai Andhra movement. They started the Visalaandhra ePaper online edition in Andhra Pradesh.

The Visalaandhra newspaper covers the latest updates from all over the world where you can get updates on Politics, Business, sports, entertainment and more. It mainly focuses on the Andhra Pradesh local news in the Visaalaandhra e-paper. Here you can get the newspaper editions of Visalaandhra. The major competitors of the Eenadu paper are Andhra PrabhaAndhra JyothiEenadu, Sakshi, Vaartha.

Visalaandhra publishing their editions in 15 districts of Andhra Pradesh and it covers all regions information of the cities, towns, and villages of the respected district. You can get the latest news from the top cities like Guntur news today, Kurnool News, Prakasham News, and many more top city news.

Visalaandhra e-paper also shows the health-related issues and give precautions from the doctor.

Visalaandhra current affairs are the best way to prepare for the Andhra Pradesh government exams. It provides the latest technological information in their editions.
You get many stories written by best writers, read those and get more information.

Visalaandhra Youth is giving suggestions to start a business for the students. It covers the young businessmen biography.

Visalaandhra ePaper Additional Features:

Visalandhra covers the poets, essays and more to educate the students. The newspaper also introduces the latest technological course information for the students and gave suggestions to achieve the goals. For the agricultural people also get knowledge on forming on reading the Visalaandhra special editions.

Visalaandhra ePaper Website: http://www.visalaandhra.com

  1. Visalaandhra Contact Number: 040-23221738, 23222308

2. Visalaandhra Contact Number: https://twitter.com/visalaandhra