Simhachalam Devasthanam

About Simhachalam Devasthanam

Simhachalam Devasthanam is popularly known as “Sri Varaha Laxmi Narasimha Temple”, Simhachalam is a Hindus Temple of South India located on Simhachalam Hill with a height of 800 meters above the sea level and ten miles distance to the north side of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. This temple dedicated to one of the Hindus Trimurti God named as “Vishnu” and worshipped as “Varaha Narasimha”

Simhachalam Devasthanam
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History of Simhachalam Devasthanam

Simhachalam Temple age is not known exactly but as per epigraph, it is dated as 1098 – 1099 AD constructed by Chola King Kulottunga – 01 who defeated the Kalinga Territories. This temple is very significant at the time of their period. Simhachala Temple is one of the famous pilgrimage centers of 32 AP Narasimha Temples.

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The Story behind the foundation of Simhachalam Devasthanam

Simhachalam Temple is relates to the well – known story of the savage king named as Hiranyakasyapa and his son named as “Prahalada”. Hiranyakasyapa and his borther Hiranyaksha are the savage kings and disturbing the kingdom’s peace. Hiranyaksha grabbed the earth and carried to the other places so the deity “Lord Vishnu” killed him and placed the earth safely from the power of savages by Pig epitome (Varaha Avatara), subsequently Hiranyakasipu killed by Lord Vishnu in “Varahanarasimha” (Dwayavathara) who devoted by son of hiranyakasipu “Prahalada” has a desire to see both incarnations of the deity Lord Vishnu.

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According to Stalapurana, deity Lord Vishnu devotee Prahalada is the 01st person to construct the “Varaha Narasimha Temple”. In Ap state, the Simhachalam temple is more famous.