Alberta parks are a recreational agency and organization created by the Government of Albert. Also accountable for the management of its other parks and protected areas. Alberta’s parks are a place of inspiration, value and generally give a natural beautiful world to all those who visit and tour the magical haven. This wonderful place brought about by its history that dates back to the early 1930s when there a law passed in parliament to allow for the creation of provisional parks.

Its primary focus lied with the recreational value that parks had to offer but later on narrowed the focus down to the preservation of natural heritage for the future generations to come. With so many years of existence under our belt, you rest assured of having the best services.

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Alberta parks:

Alberta’s parks system comprises of a ton of recreational areas to the untouched wilderness that breathes taking and marvelous to behold. These areas are a true testament to the preservation of natural landscapes, the diversity in various biological components and ecological processes.

In addition, the door is certainly open to heritage tourism and appreciation that is coupled with positive outdoor recreation. Parks in Alberta are a special place where tourists can come and enjoy heritage, learn a lot, and generally have a pristine experience with wildlife. Along with the high security and safety standards that are observed in Alberta parks, touring here is largely an experience worth living for.

There are a lot of reasons and features of a high caliber that could lure a visitor to parks in Alberta which will be discussed below.

Alberta Camping

To all those who are enthusiastic about the outdoor, this is the place you want to be. We offer the most serene views and breathtaking landscape to feed into your every outdoor desire. Alberta parks offer a wide range of dynamic camping services that promise to deliver on a splendid outdoor experience.

With the pristine environment and astounding natural surroundings, Alberta parks have the full package. They offer as much as four unique styles of camping in seven locations that are spread out across the province. Apart from the traditional camping way, Alberta parks offer comfort camping that deemed as luxurious and convenient.

Alberta Parks Contact:

A person interested should feel comfortable contacting Alberta’s hotline 1-877-537-2757 and book a reservation. But alternatively, those who frequently surf the internet can also make inquiries and Alberta parks reservations at You can never go wrong by choosing us as your destination for your family camping or even individually.

You will leave here being one with nature and definitely more refreshed than when you first came in. Stargazing never made so beautiful with our open skies and high mountains. We also have terrain for biking for all those who would like to experience nature at its core while enjoying the breathtaking views. The natural ambiance will completely relax you while you take in the fresh air on your rides.

The Park reservations can be made at Alberta campgrounds and also at the group of Alberta Camping areas. You can find the address of the campground is located at the Chief Mountain Co-op office.

For the Queries and Questions on Alberta Parks Reservations process, call the 1-877-537-2757 phone number to retrieve more details and For general queries contact the 1-866-427-3582 phone number.


The Alberta parks have the most defined rivers in place. It not only give you fun but will put food on your table. You can easily come out as a fisherman by spending a few days on the boat or better yet become a professional paddler. On top of that, with our precaution when it comes to conservation, you will learn how to cook green and conserve the environment. This surely maintains the aesthetic value of the area.


One of our biggest attractions is the wild animals in our parks. Ever so beautiful species trek freely in some of the parks of course with a certain level of security. You can experience new and diverse views of animals in their own natural habitats.


Our parks have breathtaking scenarios that will make you a permanent resident. With the vibrant autumn colors, the sandy white beaches, the ambiance from the mountain facing the lakes, and the birds flying across the lake you will be smitten before you could spell it.

If you need a getaway this is the place for you. The views are absolutely thrilling and never seen before landscapes are countless. You can have a stroll on the beaches as you please set up bonfires as you enjoy the breeze. You can also opt for a hike and take a look at all the surroundings of this majestic place.

Staff and volunteers

Alberta’s parks pride on the gleeful persons who take care of all the guests from the continent and over. Our staff is keen on making your experience as amazing and relaxing as possible.

Whether you are coming as an individual or as a team, make sure that you are well taken care of at all times. Our staff is always at your beck and call if you need anything at any point. We also embrace the volunteers who help us around the park in order to maintain the grounds as they are for decades to come.

Alberta highly invested when it comes to conserving the environs and goes to lengths to ensure that the area remains as organic as it could be for generations. Public safety officers are all professionals and well versed in ensuring the safety of our guests comes first. They have long experiences when it comes to different activities and can advise accordingly.

Alberta’s parks are an amazing destination that you will appreciate. One trip is never enough.

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