Medical Services Plan British Colombia

The Medical Services Plan British Colombia commonly referred to as MSPBC is an only payer in health insurance BC scheme that operates in the Canadian province of British Colombia that came as a result of the country’s national Medicare program.

It is government administered meaning all its actions are as a result of the government’s arrangement. It required by law, under the Canadian constitution, that all provinces should be responsible for the distribution of health care. While differing from this is the Canadian act that aims to ensure that universal health care availed to all the citizens of the country. It serves to protect the state of health and safety of all British Colombians.

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Canada citizens and permanent residents are free to apply for provincial bc health card. MSP is provincial and pays for the required bc medical services plan. These services are inclusive of medical attention provided by midwives and physicians during maternity, oral and dental surgeries carried out in the hospital.

Eye surgeries done by ophthalmologists if need be and other orthodox procedures that may be in relation to facial abnormalities. Other services offered are such as x-rays, lab services, and other diagnostic services. Get process on How to Apply for Medical Services Plan for the Canadian residents and apply to get the Health Coverage.

Medical Service Plan also has a web-based telecommunication service that integrated into its platform called Teleplan. This MSP BC telecommunication service, through an encrypted internet connection, enables practitioners to securely submit claims and requests to accept MSP Payments services and reject claims as well.

Services Offered by MSP

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BC Medical Services Plan is a brilliant healthcare program and with it comes a host of services offered. Apart from the few mentioned above others include supplementary benefits offered by other health care practitioners. This includes benefits such as massage therapy and naturopathy.

There are a ton of benefits of BC Medical Services Plan involved such as medical benefits, MSP Premium assistance, Health insurance BC and supplementary health care that will be discussed below.

1. Medical Welfares

As the names suggest, these are those medical benefits that associated with MSP.

These are;

  • Medically necessary services associated with a physician registered with MSP.
  • The maternity care services that will oversee by a midwife or a physician.
  • Necessary eye examinations performed ophthalmologist.
  • Diagnostic services such as x-rays done at diagnostic facilities.
  • Dental and oral surgery when they necessary and they performed in hospitals.
  • Orthodontic services that are in relation to congenital facial abnormalities.

It is important to note that there are temporary services that are related to those who might be leaving British Colombia and will still be on MSP coverage. Those services should not exceed the value in money had the services performed in B.C.

These services might not be necessarily the same as the ones mentioned above. It is important when travelling that an individual consults the MSP.

2. Supplementary Welfares

When an individual of British Colombia talks about supplementary welfare they are simply talking about the following;

  • Non Surgery podiatry
  • Physical Massage and Therapy
  • Chiropractic service
  • Eye examinations if necessary

Those eligible for services and benefits mentioned above are such as; refugees, inmates of the British Colombia prisons, MSP premium assistance recipients and mentally ill individuals who registered with MSP Application just to mention a few.

These beneficiary and supplementary services limited to 10 visits, one coming with a cost of 23 dollars. It is important to note that MSP does not cover any supplementary benefits outside the province.

Monthly Premiums (Rates)

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The permanent residents and citizens of British Colombia citizens will then required to pay MSP online premiums which will in turn help reduce the cost of the overall health care. Billing and invoices are normally sent to those B.C residents.

Payments of these premiums can be through the individuals’ financial institutions, online by using the credit card system, through the postal services or at a government office. The premiums are relatively affordable to most of the residents of B.C. MSP provides assistance measures to those who might be financially unable to do MSP payment to their premiums.

These are such as families who have filed for tax but have no more income than that of 42000 dollars. Assistance also availed to those who might have a temporary unexpected problem that might have developed such as losing a job.


The medical service plan that offered to the permanent residents and citizens of British Colombia is no doubt effective as they maintain high levels of good healthcare that is relatively affordable.

The plan also covers to a certain extent and degree, citizens who might have temporarily left the province, giving the citizens confidence to travel without fear of injury or illness. It is a certain positive step by the government to provide state of the art healthcare at affordable rates to its citizens.

It also covers for those who might financially challenge or are going through a sticky rough economic period such as job retrenchment and dismissal.  MSP has also developed a telecommunication system that has a promising future as it currently ensures some services that require an internet connection. Such as payment carried out without any problems while also maintaining security.

It is a relatively affordable plan as it tries to make sure it covers most of the residents of British Colombia. The measure the government has taken has proved to be quite successful as mortality rates have gone down. The future of MSP is clearly one to look out for.

Medical Services Plan British Columbia Website: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp

To Apply Medical Service Plan by Post:

Post Box No: 9678,
Stn Prov Government,
Victoria BC – V8W 9P7