Busy Bee Tools: the largest tool retailer in the region

If you’re looking for tools for metalworking or carpentry, Busy Bee Tools has them all for you. This company, of Canadian origin, is the largest retailer of tools to work in the areas of wood and metals.

For more than 30 years, Busy Bee Tools has been in charge of manufacturing and importing machines, working both in Canada, with its 10 stores throughout the country, and in the United States, with the product shipping service nationwide.

What is Busy Bee Tools?

Busy Bee Tools is a company dedicated to manufacture, sell and import tools and machines for carpentry and metallurgy that was founded in Canada in 1976.

From its beginnings they have maintained a policy of low prices, which has been maintained until today. This company was one of the first to manufacture and import machines and tools in the seventies, which positioned it as one of the largest retailers in the region.

Another policy of Busy Bee Tools is the direct purchase and sale, which means that the end user buys the tools directly in the store, without going through third parties, thus ensuring low prices on all their products.

Why choose Busy Bee Tools?

The different Busy Bee Tools policies make the company one of the best in the market. Apart from being 100% Canadian, this company has a fully qualified staff at your disposal, in each of the 10 stores located throughout the country.

If you are going to buy at any of the branches, you do not have to spend hours looking for what you need, since their trained staff is there to help you get what you want. Whether you are looking for a table saw, metal lathe tools, bad saw or a router table, Busy Bee Tools and its expert staff have it for you.

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A functional website

Image Source: www.busybeetools.com

Apart from the 10 Busy Bee Tools stores that are located throughout the Canadian territory, it is possible to buy the tools from the comfort of your home. From their website, www.busybeetools.com, you can buy the tools you need, and they offer shipments throughout the country.

From their website, you can buy all kinds of tools and machines. Their prices are the same both online and in their stores, so buying from your home will not affect the final price of your products. When shipping the products, they are perfectly packaged, to ensure they reach their destination safely.

Busy Bee Tools Store Locations

Here you can find the Busy Bee Stores information. Find the nearest store from you and shop on Busy bee store.

Image Source: www.busybeetools.com

Busy Bee Tools Website: https://www.busybeetools.com

Tools Toll Free Number: 1800-461-2879

Busy Bee Tools Fax Number: 905-738-9143

Tools Customer Service Number: 905-738-5115

Busy Bee Tools Customer Service Email: cs@busybetools.com

Tools Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BusyBeeTools

Busy Bee Tools Twitter: https://twitter.com/busybeetools

Tools Instagram: https://instagram.com/busybeetools

Busy Bee Tools Head Office

130 Great Gulf Drive,
Concord, Ontario – L4K 5W1.

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