eProcurement and Telangana Tenders

About eProcurement and Telangana Tenders

eProcurement and Telangana Tenders: Just like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana State is making significant advancements and utilizing Telangana Information Technology to acquire a leading position in the age of information. Its remarkable technological advancements give Telangana the strength and power to become one of the most learned societies of India. The Telangana Government aims to establish a committed, inspiring, accountable, nationalist, responsible, genuine and caring Government for the citizens of the state. One of the most helpful tools employed by the caring government of Telangana is eProcurement.

TS eProcurement
Image Source: www.eprocurement.telangana.gov.in

The e-infrastructure of eProcurement in Telangana is www.eprocurement.gov.in. It provides a smart platform to the citizens as well as the government of Telangana for sustainable development. The biggest companies in India as well as different significant brands of the world use this profitable e-commerce platform. It enables efficient trade between different sized companies in separate locations. E Tendering services are being provided by www.eprocurement.gov.in.

eProcurement Telangana project

The e-Procurement Telangana project is a crucial e-Governance initiative taken by the state government of Telangana. All the Government Departments of Telangana, Public Sectors, Local Urban Bodies as well as Universities of the state are benefited due to the introduction of e-Governance in the state. In procurement processes, the project is not only efficient but also transparent. Some of its remarkable advantages are cost savings and time reduction. It’s beneficial for the Telangana tenders.

Image Source: www.eprocurement.gov.in

Apart from the above mentioned amazing features of the eProcurement in Telangana, an important announcement has been made by the Steering Committee which is headed by the State Government’s Chief Secretary. The Steering Committee has finalized that a new advanced version of eProcurement, as well as e-Auction, will develop very soon. The APTS has indeed signed an agreement with M/s Cambridge Technology Enterprises for this purpose. EProcurement Telangana’s latest version has launched in the year 2017, in October.

The State Government of Telangana’s main priority is to provide the best eProcurement services in the state. It makes sure that eProcurement services delivered efficiently, the processing of Telangana tenders as well as e Auction services can process quickly. These are the two primary goals of the Government.

Gain easy access to multiple tenders online in Telangana

The eProcurement platform in the state of Telangana offers its members quick and easy access to various tenders. These published by several departments. You have to visit the official website of eProcurement Telangana to gain access to multiple online tenders. The online portal is www.eprocurement.gov.in. The software that manages the tenders has well equipped to help suppliers, buyers to lessen the cycle duration, unnecessary frustrating paperwork, also they don’t have to wait for hours in a long queue. The best part about this the transparency will maintain throughout the whole process. All the government department of Telangana will immensely benefit after utilizing eProcurement. Apart from the governmental bodies, municipal corporations, local bodies and even vendors in the state can take help of eProcurement Telangana. Private sectors, cooperative sectors, and other Governmental institutions can also utilize this platform for best results.

Important Details of eProcurement and Telangana Tenders