TWD Telangana-Tribal Welfare Department

About TWD Telangana

Telangana TWD stands for “Tribal Welfare Department” of the Telangana state which was formed on the year 02nd June of 2014 and every year on that the Telangana Districts People will celebrate as “Telangana Formation Day” and immediately after the formation of the Telangana state, the state government focused on the improvement of livelihood of Scheduled Tribe. As per 2011 census data the Scheduled tribe was 9.34% of the total state population. It’s actually on the higher side when it’s compared to the 6.99% Scheduled Tribe population of the connected states of Andhra Pradesh. This was one of the main reasons for launching various welfare schemes by TWD Telangana government.

Telangana State Formation Day
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Telangana Tribal Welfare Department Welfare Services

The following are the Welfare Services of Telangana Tribal Welfare Department:

Numerous initiatives have taken by the Telangana Tribal Welfare department which majorly focuses in the fields of the following:

  • Education & Training
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

and for the overall development of the tribal population.

TWD Telangana
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Telangana Tribal Welfare department Education Schemes

Efficient working of Educational Institutions has been one of the most important programmes of the TS Tribal Welfare. In the year 2015-16, Rs 138.92 crore has funded under the state plan, Rs 271.49 crore has allocated under the non-planned budget for the maintenance, improvement of Educational Institutions. Various elements of this Telangana Government schemes are hostels, integrated hostels, Ashram schools, Post-Matric hostels, TW primary schools, College of Teacher Education (TW), FAST (Financial assistance for students of Telangana), Residential Schools for Tribal Girls in RIAD Areas and so on.


Telangana TWD Healthcare and Assisting Farmers

Numerous steps have taken in order to improve the healthcare facilities and in order to educate the farmers.

Developmental Telangana Schemes:

Kalyana Lakshmi

This Kalyana Lakshmi scheme provides financial assistance of Rs 51,000/. This one is for the marriage of 18 years old Scheduled Tribe girls. Parental income of those families should be less than 2 lakh Per Annum. Apply for Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme in order to avail the Telangana Scheme

Tribal Welfare Engineering

Tribal welfare Telangana founded this scheme in between 1984-85. Engineering wing builds the basic infrastructures facilities like buildings, roads, and drinking water under this scheme.

Other vital services provided by the Telangana Tribal Welfare Department

  • In order to ensure effective execution of the Government welfare programs, the Tribal Thandas had converted to Gram Panchayats.
  • Required funds for Scheduled Tribes Sub-plan have allocated during the preparation of the Annual plan for 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18.
  • One of the most useful Telangana schemes such as Komaram Bheem memorial is set up. The adequate care is taken in order to reserve necessary funds for Scheduled Tribes Sub Plan while making annual plans.
  • It also providing BC Hostels in Telangana and Tribal Welfare Hostels in Telangana
bc hostels
bc hostels

About ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Agencies)


The requirement of an integrated way of working is necessary to develop the institution of Tribal Development schemes in sub-plan areas. Also, the focal point was the Socio-economic development with the help of income generating schemes and infrastructure development programs while protecting the tribal communities against exploitation.

The ITDA projects executed in the areas similar in the size of a tehsil or a block and where the Scheduled Tribe population has more than 50%. There are ITDA Bhadrachalam, ITDA Eturunagaram and ITDA Utnoor in existence.

They aim to achieve the integrated approach in the implementation of various developmental programs in sub-plan areas. Also, they want to ensure better execution and coordination among multiple functionaries working in the sub-plan areas. That’s why the Project Office of ITDA has given control of all such functionaries vide G.O.Ms.No.434, General Administration (Spl.A) department, dated 14.8.1986 also reiterated in 2002.

Important Details of Telangana TWD