Andhra Pradesh State-AP State- Home to Hindu Saints of all Castes

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About AP-State

Andhra Pradesh  State is one of the 29 states of India which is located in Southeastern India. Andhra State is bordered by Telangana which is located in the northwest, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh which is located in the northeast, Karnataka which is located on the west, Tamil Nadu which is located on the south, and an Island Bay of Bengal which is located on the east.

The northwestern part of AP was separated to form a brand new state is called “Telangana State” on 2nd June of 2014. Andhra Pradesh State is an elected government state consists of 175 MLA’s who is elected to the legislative assembly for a term of 05 years. Amaravati is the new Capital of Andhra Pradesh State.

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Andhra State Population

The Population of AP is about 49,386,799 which is the 10th largest state in the Indian population and the Districts are covering an area of 162,970 Kilometres (or) 62,920 Square Meters, which comes 08th on the area basis.

Andhra Pradesh State Language

The official and native language of Andhra Pradesh is “Telugu” (ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్) which is a widely spoken language in the state and is the classical language which had announced by the Tourism and Culture Minister

Formation of AP-State

AP came into existence on the year 01st Oct 1953. It is formerly known as “Andhra State” which is made up of 02 distinct regions of Rayalaseema & Coastal Andhra. In India, AP State is the 01st state under the state reorganization act in the year 1956. The High Court of Andhra Pradesh is the apex judicial body in the state. Also, check AP ecourts.

Indian State Andhra Pradesh Symbols

Symbols of Andhra Pradesh
Emblem Poorna Kumbham
Language Telugu.svgTelugu
Song Maa Telugu Thalliki
Dance Kuchipudi
Animal Blackbuck
Bird Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis)
Flower Blue-Water Lilly
Fruit Mango
Tree Neem
River Godavari, Krishna, Penna, Vamsadhara, Nagavali, and Tungabhadra
Sport Kabaddi
Costume Saree
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Departments of Andhra Pradesh State

The State Government Departments of AP are of the following:


Schemes of Andhra Pradesh State

Government Projects

Education & Institutions

Tourist destination Spots of Andhra Pradesh State

The below are some of the few Tourist destination Spots of AP State:

Banks & General:

District Wise E-Courts

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Andhra Pradesh State Districts

Andhra State contains 14 districts in that the largest city is Visakhapatnam and the capital city of AP is Amaravati, the below are the districts of AP State & AP District Maps:

  1. Amaravathi District
  2. Anantapur District
  3. Chittoor District
  4. East Godavari District
  5. Guntur District
  6. Kadapa District
  7. NTR Krishna District
  8. Kurnool District
  9. PSR Nellore District
  10. Prakasam District
  11. Sri Kakulam District
  12. Vishakapatnam District
  13. Vizianagaram District
  14. West Godavari District
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Andhra Pradesh Rivers

The below are the few Rivers of Andhra Pradesh that flows through the state:

  • Godavari River
  • Krishna River
  • Penna River
  • Tungabhadra River
  • Nagavali River
  • Sabari River
  • Munneru
  • Gundlakam River
  • Swarnamukhi river
  • Chitravathi River
  • Papagni River
  • Paleru Kinnerasani River
  • Champavati River
  • Maldevi River
  • Gosthani River
  • Tammileru
  • Kundu River

Important Details of Andhra Pradesh State

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