Hyderabad Police Services

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About Hyderabad Police Services

Hyderabad Police (or) City Police of Hyderabad (హైదరాబాద్ పోలీస్) is the Public Law administration service of TS Police Department serving for the Telangana State capital Hyderabad City. They provide the services for the public (Hyderabad Police Services) in order to follow law and order and also to eradicate the crime.

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Hyderabad City Police Services

The following are the Services of Hyderabad City Police:

  • Know your Petition Status
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Passport Verification Status
  • Unclaimed Vehicles
  • Citizen Feedback Service
  • Safe Colony Concept
  • View FIR

The above Hyderabad Police Services can be explained briefly in the following:

1. Know your Petition Status:

You can check the status of your petition (A Formal Written Request) by following the simple steps given below:

1: Firstly visit Hyderabad Police official website http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in

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2: Now mouse over on “Services”

3: Then click on “Know Your Petition Status”

4: Now again click on Know Your Petition Status and it will be redirected to “Telangana State Police Department Website”

5: Then enter your credentials like username, password and the captcha code, if your not a registered member then click on “Create Account” and follow the above steps in order to Know Your Petition Status

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2. Police Clearance Certificate:

The Government of India issues the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to the citizens of India who wish to go to any foreign country to reside there for a long time or go with the purpose of securing employment.

Know complete details of Instructions, Documents required, Registration, PCC Status, FAQ’s Contact details etc here: http://apps.tspolice.gov.in/pcchyderabad/home.aspx

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3. Passport Verification Status:

Know passport verification status by following the above steps instead of clicking “Know your Petition Status”.

Click on “Police Verification Status” and enter your digital passport file number, Date of Birth and click on “Check Status”.

Know Passport Verification Status here: http://verifast.in/hydStatusCheck.jsp

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4. Unclaimed Vehicles:

To know the list of unclaimed vehicles (or) abandoned vehicles then visit Hyderabad police official website: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/assets/Unclaimed%20Abondoned%20Vehicles.pdf

5. Citizen Feedback Service:

City police of Hyderabad have introduced an initiative system of evaluating its services on Citizen Feedback and you can give your feedback freely and utilize this wonderful service. To give feedback visit Hyderabad police official website: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/CitFeedBack.aspx

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6. Safe Colony Concept:

The primary aim of the concept of the safe colony is to prevent the crime rate by educating and motivating the colonies. To know the complete details of Safe Colony Concept visit Hyderabad police official website: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/SafeColonyConcept.html

7. FIR

FIR stands for “First Information Report”, you can view your FIR here: http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in/FIR.html

Important Details of Hyderabad Police Services

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