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The new parts for cars have always been quite expensive, and in many opportunities, the part that we need does not have to be exclusively new, since used pieces as bumpers, screws, mirrors, etc., offer the same functionality as a new piece, and are much more economical. Standard Auto Wreckers has for you the UPIC Yard full of hundreds of vehicle models for you to select the used auto parts or Used Car Parts you want to buy in Canada. Below, learn more about Standard Auto Wreckers.

About Standard Auto Wreckers

If you are looking for auto wreckers in Toronto, or auto parts Ottawa. Standard car Wreckers has everything you need in terms of Used car Parts; For 35 years they have been dedicated to offering a quality service for all their customers in their four locations: Toronto, Ottawa, Port Hope, and New York.

Through a computerized system, the fully trained sales representatives will give you access to a complete inventory of engines, transmissions, auto glass, and other used car parts, and if the part you are looking for is not in their inventory, Standard car Wreckers locates it for you in a matter of seconds, so you do not go home without a satisfactory solution.

The benefit of buying your used parts in Standard Auto Wrecker is not only evident in your pocket, but also in the environment. Choose used auto parts collaborates with recycling and saving the materials, chemicals, and energy needed to create new parts.

The UPIC Yard

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Standard Auto Wreckers puts at your disposal hundreds of models of cars with many recyclable parts in its UPIC Yard, which is a “Pull it yourself” inventory, to which any customer over the age of 16 can enter and explore for himself all the used car parts available and proceed to extract on his own those he or she wish to buy, including Tires and Rims.

The UPIC Yard opens seven days a week and has a friendly staff to help you find the precise used car part that you need.

Scrap Car Removal Service

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Do you have a Scrap Car occupying space for years in your garage? Standard Auto Wrecker helps you get rid of it with their Scrap Car Removal Service. Call them at 416-286-8686 or contact them through their website www.standardautowreckers.com. And they will do you the favor of picking up the Scrap Car for free. And they may even pay you $ 500 for your old junk car. The service is available to any location in the Greater Toronto Area. And any type of car well received, including buses and small trucks.

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