Adilabad District Court

Adilabad District Court

District courts are an important part of the Judicial System of India, they allow to attend cases personalized, efficient way. The Adilabad District Court founded in 1951 in Telangana State, and currently has as Administrative Judge the Hon’ble Ms Justice J. Uma Devi.

like all other District and State Courts, is governed by the premises established by the Supreme Court of India. It is expanding its services through technologies and also internet. Here, you get info on all users of Indian judicial system can benefit from this.

eCourts Adilabad

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It no longer necessary to attend courts in person to update on how the case is going, or what verdict was. You can access eCourts Adilabad and also extract all relevant information like Case Status, Daily Orders, Cause List, more.

All Indian courts are in the process of digitizing their databases and making them accessible to all its users through the different websites of each court and also through modern applications for your mobile device, available for download from the Google Play Store.

This is extremely important to ensure that the judicial system continues to operate transparently and reliably, and also for the convenience of all users who use legal services.

If the Court Case finding an issue on closing at Adilabad District Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Hyderabad High Court

Adilabad District Court Case StatusAdilabad District Court

Among the many services offered in your eCourts Adilabad is the Adilabad Court Case Status, and which provides you with all the information about the current situation of your case, and if it is on the waiting list, and if it has already taken to the audience, or if it is already closed with a verdict and the details of the verdict.

Always Find this option on the website of the Adilabad District Court http://ecourts.gov.in/adilabad and specifically in the “Services” menu located on the right margin of the homepage.

To get the All-State level High Courts information, you can find it in details in the following link. eCourts, Click the link and you can find all High Courts information from All over India.

Adilabad District Court Website: http://ecourts.gov.in/adilabad

Contact Number: 08732-227588

Fax Number: 08732-227588

Email id: adb.pdj-ap@aij.gov.in and pdj.adilabad@gmail.com

Adilabad Court Address Information

District & Sessions Court,
The District Court Complex,
Adilabad District,
Pincode: 504001,