The Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System of Andhra Pradesh

The Centre for Good Governance (CGG) has developed an online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring Software for Federations and Welfare Corporations in India. The system makes sure that fairness and transparency are maintained at the time of transferring of subsidy to families who are Below Poverty Line (BPL) in Andhra Pradesh. OBMMS aims to distribute the subsidy of Rs 2356.73 Crores to provide economic support to the inhabitants of the state who are in need of it. High security is maintained in the web-based platform of AP OBMMS.

Image Source: apobmms.cgg.gov.in

Main features of the online portal introduced by CGG-AP OBMMS

  • Online registration of the beneficiary based on his Aadhaar Number
  • Beneficiaries will get SMS facility during registration as well as at the time of selection and release of subsidy
  • Beneficiaries and members of the committee will inform¬†by SMS or by notices at the time of interviews
  • The Beneficiary identified by Mandal Selection Committee
  • Bio-metric authentication takes place for selected beneficiaries
  • Account numbers created by the banker and then uploaded online
  • The selected list forwarded by MPDO to the District Office
  • The documents verified by AEO and Sr. Assistant
  • The Note File that the ED forwards online to the collector, approved by the collector and later on, the proceedings also generated by him
  • Depending on MD Proceeding, cheque number entered by MD office
  • The check approved by MD online
  • The loan component raised by the bank for grounding the scheme
  • The Asset and UC photo uploaded by the field officers.


How can you apply for ST, BC and SC Corporation Loans in Andhra Pradesh?

You can visit the website of the Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System of Andhra Pradesh to get BC Corporation loans or SC Corporation loans.

  1. BC Minority candidates have to register directly to receive BC Corporation loans. For other categories, they have to validate their ration cards at first. So, SC candidates can follow the same procedure to get SC Corporation loans.
  2. At first, you need to visit the website of AP OBMMS which is apobmms.cgg.gov.in.
  3. If you are a BC candidate, you have to select the BC Federation Registration link. If you are SC candidate, choose the link to SC Federation Registration. Similarly, ST candidates have to choose the ST Federation Registration.

Benefits of OBMMS in Andhra Pradesh

  • As the whole procedure takes place online, efficiency and transparency are two of the best features. So, high visibility maintained for the convenience of the citizens.
  • Genuine families below the poverty line identified so that the poor get the money for their betterment.
  • This system generates intimation letters and alerts to the committee as well as the beneficiaries.
  • The service is super-fast. Registration for loans, approval of loans, bank consent, sanctions as well as the release of subsidy takes place in a hassle-free way.
  • The interfaces built in such a way that they very easy to understand.