AP State Government Departments

AP State Government Departments

About AP State Government Departments

Andhra Pradesh State is one of the 29 states of India which is located on Southeastern India which is an elected government state. The AP State Government Departments consists of 175 MLA’s. The State Government Departments of AP is elected to the legislative assembly for a term of 05 years. It consists of AP Government Departments for a particular area.

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AP Government Departments

The following are the AP Government Departments:

AP State Govt Dept’sAP State Government Official Links
Firstly, AP State Election Commision Departmenthttp://www.apsec.gov.in
Secondly, AP Agriculture and Cooperation Department.http://agricoop.nic.in
Thirdly, AP Fisheries Departmenthttp://ahd.aponline.gov.in
 AP BC Welfare Department.http://www.bcwelfare.ap.gov.in
 AP Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies Departmenthttp://www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in
 AP Industries Department (Energy Department)https://www.apindustries.gov.in
APCFSS – AP Centre for Financial Systems and Services Departmenthttps://apcfss.in
 AP Forest Departmenthttp://www.forests.ap.gov.in
 AP Finance Departmenthttps://www.apfinance.gov.in
 AP General Administration Departmenthttp://gad.ap.gov.in
AP Health Departmenthttp://hmfw.ap.gov.in
 AP MHRD Departmenthttp://mhrd.gov.in
 AP NIC Departmenthttp://www.ap.nic.in
 AP Housing Corporation Departmenthttps://apgovhousing.apcfss.in
 AP Information Technology and Communications Departmenthttp://www.apita.ap.gov.in
 AP Infrastructure Corporation Departmenthttp://www.incap.co.in
 AP Irrigation and Water Resource Departmenthttp://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in
 AP Labour Departmenthttp://labour.ap.gov.in
APSLSA – AP State Legal Services Authority Departmenthttp://apslsa.ap.nic.in
 AP Minority Welfare Departmenthttps://apwaqf.aponline.gov.in
 AP Commissioner of Municipal Administration Departmenthttp://cdma.ap.gov.in
 AP Panchayat Raj Departmenthttp://www.appr.gov.in
 AP State Development Planning Society Departmenthttp://www.apsdps.ap.gov.in
 AP Public Enterprises Departmenthttp://www.ped.ap.gov.in
 AP Revenue Departmenthttp://ccla.ap.gov.in
 AP Commissionerate of School Education Departmenthttp://cse.ap.gov.in
 AP School Education Department (SSA Wings)http://ssa.ap.gov.in
 APSWREIS Departmenthttp://www.apswreis.in
 AP Tribal Welfare Departmenthttp://www.aptribes.gov.in
 AP Road Development Corporation Departmenthttp://aprdc.ap.gov.in
 AP Transport Departmenthttp://www.aptransport.org
 AP Youth Services Departmenthttp://youthservices.ap.gov.in
 AP Horticulture Departmenthttp://horticulture.ap.nic.in
 AP Agricultural and Marketing Departmenthttp://market.ap.nic.in
AP Fisheries Departmenthttp://apfisheries.cgg.gov.in
APLM Departmenthttp://aplm.gov.in
AP NFSAhttp://www.nfsa.ap.gov.in
AP State Biodiversity Departmenthttp://apbiodiversity.ap.nic.in
AP Finance Department

Important Details of State Government Departments of AP

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