City Civil Court Chennai

City Civil Court Chennai

The City Civil Courts of India represent last legal institution in the hierarchical chain of the Judicial System of India. These are responsible for adjudicating on non-criminal cases, that is, dealing with disputes between individuals/organizations and offering a verdict with compensation of victim if that is the case.

They carry out judgments on accidents, property disputes, libel and negligence, commercial or administrative disputes, and contract disputes, among others. The City Civil Court of Chennai located in Tamil Nadu and takes care of all these issues within the Chennai city area. Below is some interesting information about the City Civil Court Chennai.

City Civil Court Madras

The City Civil Court Madras is the same City Civil Court Chennai. It receives this other name because its headquarters are located in the same Campus building where the Supreme Court of Madras is located.

This City Civil Court has jurisdiction over the entire city of Chennai and chaired by a Principal Judge. It also has 21 District Judges and 18 Civil Judges or also called Senior Division.

If the Court Case finding an issue on closing at Chennai City Civil Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Chennai High Court

Chennai City Civil Court Web Page

The Chennai City Civil Court has its own website created by the eCourts project carried out two years ago by the judicial system of India, with the purpose that each court can provide its users, through the internet, with a base of complete data on the cases that are being processed and other functions that carried out daily.

On the web page http://ecourts.gov.in/chennai/city-civil-and-sessions-court you can find a section called “Services” in which you can access the records of different databases of the City Civil Court Chennai (City Civil Court Madras) such as Case Status, Court Order, Cause List.

City Civil Chennai Court Case Status

Image Source: ecourts.gov.in/chennai

The Case Status Registry of a Court contains the detailed information on the situation of all the cases that are under the jurisdiction of said court, so that the user can know if his case was already taken to a hearing, if it already closed with a verdict, or if it is still on the waiting list.

To obtain detailed information about your case in City Civil Chennai Court Case Status you provide following information. The Providing info like Case Number, FIR Number, Party Name, Advocate Name, Case Code, Act, Case Type.

To get the All-State level High Courts information, you can find it in details in the following link. eCourts, Click the link and you can find all High Courts information from All over India.

Chennai Civil Court Website: http://ecourts.gov.in/chennai/city-civil-and-sessions-court

To find the Chennai civil court Case status: http://services.ecourts.gov.in/ecourtindia/cases

Chennai City Civil Court Address

High Court Road,
George Town,
Tamil Nadu – 600104