Guntur District Court

Guntur District Court

The Judicial System of India consists of different types of courts, depending on the legal fields and the extent of the area over which they have jurisdiction. The court with the greatest legal force is the Supreme Court of India, after which the High Courts, which correspond to the states, and finally the District Courts, which correspond to the multiple districts of each state. The Guntur District Court was founded in Andhra Pradesh state in the year 1905 and its Chief Justice is the Hon’ble Sri Justice Suresh Kumar Kait. Currently, the Guntur district court has a website to perform many procedures without having to attend in person. Below we will specify how to perform some procedures of the Guntur District Court through the internet.

e-Courts Guntur

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In 2016 the judicial system of India formed a committee to be responsible for carrying out the “e-Courts Project”, which had the mission to digitize and upload all the fundamental content of the services of the different courts of India so that all people have guaranteed access to the procedures that carried out daily.

After two years, now possible to enter e-courts Guntur and website of the court to find on Case Status, Court Order, Cause List. You can even download an application of the “eCourt Services” for your mobile on Google Play and the App Store.

To get the All State level High Courts information, you can find it in details in the following link. eCourts, Click the link and you can find all High Courts information from All over India.

Guntur District Court Case Status

Most requested information by all users of the judicial system of India is status of the case, though they can know in what situation is a judicial process. If a verdict already gives, if it is a process of being heard, or if it is still waiting.

To access your Guntur District Court Case Status you only have to access the website and search the “Services” section in the menu on the right and click on “Case Status”. It gives you to access the case status you are looking for by entering any of the following data:

Advocate’s Name, Case Number, FIR No, Party Name, Case id, Act or Case Type.

If the Court Case finding an issue on closing at Guntur District Court then having an option to transfer the cases to Andhra Pradesh High Court

Guntur District Court Website:

Address Details

Guntur Medical College Road,
R & B Quarters,
Guntur – 522004,
Andhra Pradesh.