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About BC Hostels in Telangana

BC Welfare Hostels in Telangana: In order to help BC students pre matric or post matric in order to get minimum facilities to support them towards their career by providing BC hostels facilities in order to study and the food is provided by Tribal Welfare Department of Telangana. BC Hostels in Telangana are available in all districts of Telangana, Mandals and rural areas so that BC students can reside & avail the benefits of it.

Tribal Welfare Department Telangana
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To organize & monitor Sw hostels / BC Hostels TWD Telangana had launched a website naming Hostel Management System http://bchostels.cgg.gov.in/ts/Index.do


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bc hostel contact us
bc hostel contact us

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bc hostels in telangana map
bc hostels in telangana map

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