Shaadi Mubarak Scheme for Muslim girls in Telangana

Shaadi Mubarak Scheme for Muslim girls in Telangana

Shaadi Mubarak scheme is one of the Telangana Schemes initiated by Government of Telangana for financial support to Muslim Girls Marriage similar to Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme for SC/ ST girls of Telangana Origin.

The scheme of Shaadi Mubarak was launched on 2nd October 2014. This scheme benefits the Bride’s parents getting some financial assistance amount of 51,000 Rs. for their daughter’s marriage.

Eligibility for Shadi Mubarak Scheme

  1. Bride (Girl ) should be Residence of Telangana
  2. Girl’s Age should be 18 Years.
  3. Belonging to Muslim Community
  4. The combined annual income of Bride’s Parents should not exceed 2 Lakh.

Information related to official Release can find here.

I. How to Apply online for Shaadi Mubarak Scheme?

Visit to get online Shaadi Mubarak scheme application form.

Procedure to fill application form:

Bride’s Particulars:

  1. Details of Bride: Here need to fill SSC memo details(study details), bride name, the name of the father, date of birth, Aadhaar Number, Education qualification, Phone number, Caste, sub-caste, Bride Mother’s Name as per Bank account, Is Bride an  Orphan details & Bride mothers UID.
  2. Income Certificate Details: Enter meeseva number, applicant name, father name, District, mandal, MRO NAME & Total income.
  3. Caste Certificate Details: Mee seva Number of caste certificate,Applicant name, Father name, district, Mandal,Mro Name & Caste
  4. Permanent Address & Present address details to be filled up.
  5. Bride Bank account details
  6. Account details of Bride Mothers

Bride Groom Particulars:

  1. Details of the groom
  2. Details of Marriage: Date of marriage, Place of marriage, Address of marriage place etc.
  3. Uploads: upload all scanned copies of mentioned documents like Aadhar, caste certificate, SSC memo, income certificate, bank details etc.
shaadi mubarak application form
shaadi mubarak application form

II. Print/ Download Shaadi Mubarak Application form:

Visit  and enter Bride’s Aadhar number & phone number to print Shaadi Mubarak scheme application print.

shaadi mubharak application print
Image source : – shaadi mubarak

III. Edit / Upload Shaadi Mubarak Scheme form Online:

Visit link

Enter Marriage ID & phone number to edit the Shaadi Mubarak application form online or Upload the scanned documents for this scheme.

edit shaadi mubarak application form
edit shadi mubharak scheme application form

Click this link to get all required links for Shaadi Mubarak scheme application form, Shaadi status, Shaadi Mubarak scheme application status, details etc.

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