AP Land Records- Revenue Department

The complete Land survey website from Government of Andhra Pradesh

AP revenue department under Minister Shri K.E. Krishna Murthy has taken a deep interest in the maintenance of this web portal. This portal is operated by AP revenue department of survey, settlement and land records. Its website www.aplandsurvey.org disseminates accurate real-time information about AP land records. You will get extensive data and latest updates on Andhra Pradesh land registration details.

Meebhoomi AP
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This website is inspired by the success of Meeseva portal. Revenue department, AP has left no stone unturned in coming up with the most up-to-date and reliable information on land records in AP state.

Salient features of AP Land Records website

  • Digital collection of AP land records and land registration
  • You can find land details using survey number.
  • For grievances, you can file a complaint at the nearest Meeseva center through this website.
  • It works on all smartphones as well as desktops. Now, all the AP land registration details are at your fingertips.
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This website is a boon for those citizens looking to buy new land in the state of Andhra Pradesh. They would find detailed information about

  • The process for new AP land registration in AP state.
  • The name and address of landowner and exact nature of possession on this land.
  • Nearest water source, type of soil and crops grown in case of agricultural land.
  • The total area of the land, last survey report on the land.

All the services offered by the department of survey, settlements and land records, under the guidance of AP revenue department, have been compiled in an inclusive list below:-

  • Revision of land records on the real-time basis to provide the latest AP land records.
  • Survey operations like measurement, mapping of new subdivisions in patta lands.
  • F lines to demarcate the boundaries of patta lands.
  • Subdivision of patta lands and handling the dispute cases.
  • Providing certified copies of FMB, RSR/FA, and detailed village maps.
  • VRO replaces missing survey stones to start the survey work.
  • In places where town survey has taken place, demarcating boundaries for town survey numbers.

MeeBhoomi, an exclusive app for citizens searching for accurate land records of AP state.

Inspired by the overwhelming success of the Andhra Pradesh e-governance app Meeseva, the state government has launched an Android app to reach millions of landholders in AP state. MeeBhoomi is a landmark in digital storage of land records of AP. This app gives many facilities to landowners such as:-

AP Mee bhoomi
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  • List of landholders with complete details about the tenancy, liabilities and the name of crops grown in that particular land.
  • The details of any individual village in AP
  • The comprehensive view of the AP land details using survey number. If any transactions have taken place to that particular land, it would be displayed on the screen.
  • Searching for any AP land records utilizing Aadhaar card number.
  • Citizens can look in for their field measurement book using the MeeBhoomi Android app.

Download Mee Bhoomi AP App Here


Under the leadership of honorable chief minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh government has emerged as the frontrunner in e-governance. This website is a one-stop data bank of all facts and figures concerned with land survey and training of AP revenue department officials.