HTP-Hyderabad Traffic Police

About Hyderabad Traffic Police

HTP stands for “Hyderabad Traffic Police” is under control of Hyderabad City Police has introduced by Telangana State Government in order to follow the traffic rules by the public and maintaining the city free from accidents.

Hyderabad Police
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HTP Department Initiatives

The following are the initiatives of the HTP Department:

  • Enforcement of Citizen Friendly
  • Focusing on activities of regulation more than enforcement
  • Putting cameras in cranes
  • Cameras of Body worn
  • Enforcement of cashless
  • The system of E – Challan
  • Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System project (H – TRIMS)
  • Drunk and Drive enforcement
Hyderabad Traffic
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About ITMS

ITMS stands for “Integrated Traffic Management System” of Hyderabad City which aims to provide a universal traffic flows, conducting awareness camps about the traffic rules for the road users, congestions and waiting time can be minimized, Ambulances, fire vehicles are integrating by ITMS and many more services


Telangana State government has initiated SMART CITY program which uses the digital technologies (ICT) Information and Communication Technologies in order to improve the quality and performance of urban services along with to reduce consumption of costs and resources and also to interact with the citizens very effectively.

Alert of Traffic through SMS

  • Traffic police offer the free services of SMS Alerts to Hyderabad Traffic Police
  • These SMS Alerts are available in all Hyderabad places
  • By sending SMS “JOIN HTP” to the number 09219592195 you can subscribe for this free service
  • And you can also unsubscribe by sending SMS “LEAVE HTP” to the number 09219592195
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Alas! Got a wrong challan

The wrong challan will get due to the following reasons:

  • Traffic police give the fine by the overlook of the citizen
  • Maybe someone is using your vehicle registration number to his vehicle
  • Maybe the vehicle which you have got has not officially transferred by your name

If the wrong person gets the penalty then doesn’t worry you can meet (or) write to Assistant Police Commissioner (To the number 9490616098, Branch of Traffic, Police Control Room)

Important Details of Traffic Police of Hyderabad