Tirupati to Chennai Trains

About Tirupati to Chennai Trains

There are many trains between Tirupati and Chennai, these two cities connect with a distance of 151 Kilometres. You can travel on a daily basis and weekly basis where trains will be available. Because of efficient rail connectivity traveling from Tirupati to Chennai Trains Trains is simple and easy. Tirupati is one of the most visited pilgrimage places for Hindus. People visit here to take blessings of Lord Venkateshwara.(Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam)

Tirupati to Chennai Trains Fare Details

  • For 3A (Third AC) the fare of Tirupati (TPTY) to Chennai (MAS) Trains is about Rs. 495  to Rs. 540
  • For 2A (Second AC) the fare of Tirupati (TPTY) to Chennai (MAS) Trains is about Rs. 700 to Rs. 745
  • For 1A (Second AC) the fare of Tirupati (TPTY) to Chennai (MAS) Trains is about Rs. 1245
  • For SL (Sleeper Class) the fare of Tirupati (TPTY) to Chennai (MAS) trains is about 140
  • For more details regarding Tirupati (TPTY) to Chennai (MAS) Trains Fare information and IRCTC Tickets discount offers Visit: https://www.irctc.co.in

Trains from Tirupati to Chennai

Train Number Train Name From Tirupati Departure Time To Chennai Arrival Time Journey Time
RU 00:30 MAS 03:30 03:00H
17652 KCG CGL EXP RU 03:40 MS 07:25 03:45H
16204 TPTY MAS EXPRESS TPTY 06:45 MAS 10:45 04:00H
11017 LTT KARAIKAL EXP RU 08:00 MS 10:55 02:55H
7324 UBL MS EXP RU 08:25 MS 11:15 02:50H
TPTY 10:00 MAS 13:40 03:40H
11073 LTT CHENNAI EXP RU 10:05 MAS 12:55 02:50H
01063 CSMT MAS AC SPL RU 10:05 MAS 12:55 02:50H
11041 CSMT CHENNAI EX RU 12:55 MAS 16:30 03:35H
16004 NSL MAS WKLY EXP RU 13:30 MAS 16:45 03:15H
66048 TPTY MAS PASS TPTY 13:30 MMCC 17:05 03:35H
RU 14:25 MAS 17:10 02:45H
6052 ADI MAS SPL RU 14:30 MAS 17:10 02:40H
66014 TPTY MAS MEMU TPTY 16:05 MAS 20:25 04:20H
12163 CHENNAI EXPRESS RU 16:45 MS 19:45 03:00H
TPTY 18:05 MAS 21:55 03:50H
22920 ADI MAS HUMSAFAR RU 20:05 MAS 22:35 02:30H

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