TS Housing – Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited

About TS Housing

TSHCL stands for “Telangana State Housing Corporation Limited” is aims to provide support by financially and technically to every BPL (Below Poverty Line) families by the construction of Pucca houses in Telangana State by TS Housing.

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History of Housing TS

A severe cyclonic storm has occurred in 02 districts of coastal regions and the many people became homeless in 1977, so the government had developed Housing Corporation in 1979 and was decided to build only pucca houses

Objectives of TSHCL

  • The people who belong to BPL (Below Poverty Line) and the peoples who lost the houses due to “Act of God” (Tidal Waves, Cyclones etc) locating in rural areas and urban areas should provide Telangana housing schemes by the government
Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme
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  • To construct infrastructural facilities
  • For healthy commodities researching and developing the activities in the construction field along with managing the materials, developing the land and also improving the environmental surroundings
  • To generate CEEF (Cost Effective and Eco – Friendly Construction) advanced technologies and materials in house construction
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Initiatives in Housing Program

  • In May of 2011, RPH (Rural Permanent House) unit cost increased to Rs. 45,000 and UPH (Urban Permanent House) unit cost is increased to Rs. 55,000
  • In rural areas for SC / ST category, people additional loan of about Rs 20,000 and in the urban areas additional loan of about Rs 30,000 can give along with above unit cost
  • For the weaver’s workers additional loan of Rs. 15,000 can be provided along with above unit cost
  • For all housing, beneficiaries cement supplied at low cost
  • From the budget for housing water supply and electricity in layouts will be provided
  • The total program will monitor through the web system

Important Details of Telangana State Housing Scheme