TS KCR Kit Scheme

Telangana KCR Kit Scheme

About Telangana KCR Kit Scheme

The Telangana State Government has introduced a scheme for pregnant women named as “KCR Kit Scheme” and the applicants who are interested can register through the online portal at nearby PHC (Public Health Centre), the main goal of this scheme is to provide pregnant women all needy items along to the new born infant. The Medical Officer, District Medical of Deputy Officer, Health officer, ANM (Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery) can register online under this KCR Kit Scheme.

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Financial Support under Telangana KCR Kit Scheme

The pregnant women will acquire Rs. 12,000 financial support under this KCR Kit Schmee in 03 stages; if the infant is a “Girl” then the Telangana Government will give additiona Rs. 1000 to the applicants

  • In order to buy nutritious food the 01st stage of Rs. 3000 can be given to the pregnant women after the 02 health check ups
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  • After delivery of the 02nd stage of Rs. 4000 (For Male infant) and Rs. 5000 (For Female infant) can give to the pregnant women
  • After three months of the baby born 03rd stage of Rs. 2000 can give and after nine months of the baby born Rs. 3000 can give to pregnant women

Telangana KCR Kit Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The Telangana State Government has put some eligibility in order to acquire this scheme:

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  • The pregnant women who delivered the baby in the government hospitals are eligible for this scheme
  • This KCR Kit Scheme is applicable for max two deliveries by pregnant women

Purpose of Telangana KCR Kit Scheme

The main objectives of introducing Telangana KCR Kit Scheme are as follows:

  • To help pregnant women financially
kcr kit
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  • In order to boost up the confidence in pregnant women
  • By providing the poor women with all needy items along to the newborn infant and also
  • Then also To decrease the newborn infant mortality rate in the Telangana State
  • Also to provide a healthy environment for the newborn baby under this KCR Kit Scheme


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