7 Reasons why giving a second attempt to GATE is not a bad idea

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7 Reasons why giving a second attempt to GATE is not a bad idea

GATE or the “Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering” is a sure fire way of engineers pursuing to continue their studies and gain a Master’s degree, to get admission in one of the top engineering colleges in India. Arranged by prestigious institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology across the country and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, the GATE exam scores may be used to evaluate a student in their careers in future. In 2018, IIT Guwahati took up the bulk of the responsibility in arranging the examination, and in 2019, IIT Madras will take up the mantle. The exam is usually held in the first week of February every year.gate examination

A good GATE final score is extremely necessary, not only for the immediate admission to M.Tech. Courses, but also as a reflection and a qualification later in life. Every student must make sure that he or she has a good GATE score to back their credentials. However, in an exam this competitive, there is no guarantee that the candidate will come out of the first attempt with flying colors. If that be the case, there is no reason to not apply for GATE a second time. A second attempt is encouraged to make sure he or she gets the rank they deserve. Here is a list of reasons why considering taking the GATE exam a second time may not be such a bad idea:

  1. Opportunity for Master’s degree at a top college

Irrespective of how many times you need to appear for GATE, it will still supply you with the same great opportunity- of pursuing your Master’s at a top institution. If that is your priority, you must appear for the said examination a second time. Taking the exam a second time will not hamper your credentials. In fact, if you manage a better score the second time, that what will use to define your Curriculum vitae. Nobody going to pay attention to how many times you appeared to get the grade that you got.gate online

Master’s degrees preferred in today’s competitive circuit of jobs as well. Companies much prefer to take in candidates with an ME degree, that is, with a Masters in Engineering. Top rated universities offer highly paid packages to candidates. Also, assurance for jobs dialed up notch with master’s degree, with opportunities for technical profile jobs at dream companies.

  1. Certified expertise is their subject of domain

The GATE examination provides opportunities to the applicant to specialize and gain a Master’s technology degree in the field that interests them or the field that they wish to work for, in future endeavors. This is a significant contribution to the credentials of any individual from an engineering background who do not wish to go for management studies but stay in the field of science.

  1. Opportunity for stipend and scholarships

Reputed institutes like BARC or the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre also consider, and often specify the production of the GATE score card, mandatorily to any individual it associates with. Stipend based courses are available for GATE qualified students at such reputed institutes, with the range varying from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. Some self-supporting courses also validated by GATE qualification.gate scholarships

  1. Junior Research Fellowship

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research or the CSIR a nationally recognized body of scientific research which allows students to pursue research in the field of their choice. Eligibility for a Junior Research Fellowship or JRF at a CSIR lab and eventually a Senior Research Fellowship or SRF is highly dependent on the GATE scorecards of the candidate applying.

  1. PSU Hiring

Even if Master’s degree is not your priority, the GATE scores considered by some companies in the Public Sector. If you’re GATE qualified, you have the obvious preference and enjoy advantage over those you competing against.

  1. Post Graduation Opportunities from Abroad

Many institutes abroad focused on engineering and science research accept the GATE rank and scorecard to give opportunities to Indians. Germany and Singapore are among the countries that give credence to the GATE exam held in India. Take the exam for the opportunity to fly overseas and pursue your dream.gate exam abroad

  1. Teaching Jobs in Engineering

Faculty positions in top universities mandatorily require an ME degree, for which you have to take the GATE exam. If teaching is your true calling and engineering is your passion, this is the way that your future must take. And GATE scores will play an important role in this future.

These points reason enough to encourage reappearing for the GATE exam to improve your chances for the near future.

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