About DTCP AP – The Directorate of Town and Country Planning in Andhra Pradesh

The Department of Town and Country Planning in Andhra Pradesh which is also known as DTCP AP looks after the development and planning in rural and urban areas of the state. Land Use Plans and Master Plans are prepared separately for rural areas, and urban centres and then developmental works are started.

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There are two different functions of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning: one is in the urban front, and the other is in the rural front. The urban areas like the Municipal Towns are inspected at first, and then the developments are planned by the principles of the APTP ACT of 1920 and other local acts like the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, Municipal Corporation Act, A.P Urban Areas (Development) Act and also the AP Cinematography Act.

In case of the state’s rural areas, developmental works are monitored by the norms of the Panchayat Raj Act of Andhra Pradesh, which was introduced in the year 1992. After the approval of the layouts, the industries get permission to start their work.

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In all matters related to Country and Town Planning, the Directorate of Town and Country Planning assists the state government of Andhra Pradesh. It coordinates with several departments like A.P. State Housing and Urban Development Corporations, A.P. Housing Board, A.P Industrial and Infrastructure Corporation, etc.

Function of DTCP AP

The Andhra Pradesh Department of Town and Country Planning consists of the following functions:

  • Technical Statutory Function
  • Technical Non – Statutory Function
  • Advisory Function
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Image Source: dtcp.ap.gov.in

The above three functions can be briefly in the following:

1. Technical Statutory Function

  • General town planning schemes preparation (Master Plans)
  • Indicative Land use plans preparation (Mandal Master Plan)
  • Layouts technical approval
  • Road development plans approval

2. Technical Non – Statutory Function

  • IDSMT Funds allocation (In 2005 this scheme closed and the work approved components is in progress)
  • Public and Community building designs approval
  • Sanctioned master plans can suggested for variations

3. Advisory Function

It is the function which will gives advises to the departments of Urban Development Authorities, Industrial Infrastructure Corporation of AP, Pollution Control Board Department of Andhra Pradesh, Rajiv Swagruha Housing Corporation.

  • DTCP AP Website: http://dtcp.ap.gov.in
  • The DTCP AP Address: Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Andhra Pradesh State Government, Sri Krishna Enclave, Third Floor, Fourth Lane Extension, West Annapurna Nagar, Gorantla, Guntur District, 522 034.
  • DTCP AP Helpline Number: 0863 2338 555, 9985056616
  • The DTCP AP Support Mail: director.tcp@ap.gov.in, dtcp.ap@gmail.com
  • DTCP AP Regional Office and District Office Contact Details: http://dtcp.ap.gov.in/dtcpweb/contactus.html
  • AP MA and UD Minister: Sri K Narayana