End to End Encryption in Whatsapp: How much it is Safe to communicate?

Privacy of your message is becoming one of the most important issues now a day. One of the most popular instant chatting platform Whatsapp claims that they go for end to end encryption method for each message. They have also told that Whatsapp keep a track of the messages sent through their platform. Here you can get the info on Whatsapp End to End Encryption process.

How the group is handled?

As per the version from Whatsapp which is now taken over by Facebook when a person is added in the group either by the administrator or by the group link all the other participants in the group get the message for the same. Whatsapp has also made it easy for the users to leave the group at any point of time. Blocking any of the unwanted message or a group member is also possible in Whatweb easily.

Security of communication:

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When you go for the communication one to one all your messages sent encrypted. However, the problem coming whether the calls made in Whatsapp are also encrypted. It has been an agenda aroused by the media that Whatsapp calls are not absolutely safe.

In this case Whatsapp has also admitted the fact that while sharing the device information and identity through Facebook it is allowing the users to go for the dirty work which is eventually snooping on the other users.

Threat in Group chatting:

Experts more concerned with the treat associated in a group chat in Whatsapp. It mainly because in group chats your mobile number sharing. There also speculation that Whatsapp makes money by harvesting the data of the users with the conjunction of Facebook.

As all these communication messengers free to used there always a threat whether those safe as per the data security a concern.

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the communication encrypted?

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When you go to listen to the version of the Whatsapp authority they claimed that very little data of the users actually collected by them. It also their claim that all the communication made in Whatsapp absolutely safe because in all sorts of communication end to end encryption used and this why  no chance that any data will lealeak

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It has also confirmed by the Whatsapp authority that they collect only few necessary data from their users. So, when it comes to data security Whatsapp claim that very few data will be floating online for the users of Whatsapp and that makes data security more solid in case of their communication method.

It true that encrypted method of communication is always safe for the communication. The only thing making all the Whatsapp users worried that whether the communications in this popular platform encrypted every time or not.

So, if you want to be absolutely safe while communicating through these chatting platforms it will be great if you can avoid joining in the group chats. In case you feel any doubt with any of the other friends you have on Whatsapp it will be better to avoid or block that person and his or her messages.

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