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AP stamps and registration – IGRS AP

The AP stamps and registration department is one of the oldest departments of India that works under the AP Government. AP state takes pride in its web portal registration.ap.gov.in created to produce certified copies (CC) of the registered documents in the public domain for the people of AP. Citizens buying and selling immovable properties must check the title, registration, and obligations associated with it. Apart from providing online copies of old documents, the AP registration and stamps department (IGRS AP) also generates income for the state funds by way of stamp duty, transfer duty, and registration fees. The same documents can be used as vital evidence in the court of law in case of disputes.

ap registration
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Preparation of encumbrance certificate (EC) and certified copies (CC) for the citizens of AP state

This department is also responsible for issuing encumbrance certificates Andhra Pradesh.

Encumbrance certificate (EC) is the documentary evidence of the fact that the property in question is clear from legal charges like the dispute in ownership title or nature of possession on the property. This encumbrance certificate also safeguards AP citizens against pre-existing monetary liabilities such as the mortgage or secured loan against that property. Anybody can get a printout of EC or CC documents of AP state from this website.

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Registration act 1908 and Indian stamp act, 1899 governs sale and purchase of any kind of property in AP.

This website also provides information for the registration of the following

  • Online registration of sales deed, power of attorney, transfer deed, and many other documents.
  • Online registration of sole proprietorship, partnership firms, and different types of business undertakings.
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  • Get Online registration of co-operative societies, non-governmental organizations, charitable trusts, etc.
  • Online registration in AP Hindu marriage.
  • Online registration of special marriages, not under the ambit of the Hindu marriage act.

Services offered to citizens of AP through this web portal

  • Now the citizens can avail of the anywhere registration facility through the medium of the internet.

AP IGRS Online

  • People can search the encumbrance records on any property for transactions after 1983, and for earlier transactions, one has to contact the sub-registrar office.
  • In this website, you will find the complete list of stamp duties and registration fees for different types of transactions and documents of proof.
  • One can obtain the latest market value of land in several districts of AP. Similarly, changes in market value can be tracked by logging into the member’s area.

New services offered on this website

  • Citizens can make online payment of registration fees and stamp duty.
  • They can also make an encumbrance certificate online without going to the registrar’s office.
ap stamps and registration online
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  • Certified copies of registered documents (CC) can be prepared for properties registered in AP online with the help of this website.

IGRS – a solution-oriented mechanism

An integrated grievance redressal system (IGRS) has opened the doors of governmental departments for the common man. The IGRS AP policies of AP government have always maintained the national standards.

  • AP government has taken a long stride forward with its MeeBhoomi digital app, available in both languages English and Telugu. This app has revolutionized the methods of preserving land records registration of new properties in AP.

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