Praja Sadhikara Survey

About Praja Sadhikara Survey

The state government of Andhra Pradesh conducts the Praja Sadhikara Survey (ప్రజా సాధికార సర్వే) to make sure that the beneficial schemes introduced by the government for supporting the poor people of the state reach them. The other name of this survey is the Smart Pulse Survey.

This is a family survey in which all citizens are expected to participate. Proofs need to be submitted by the people if asked by the govt officers. 36,000 groups have been formed by the government for completing the Prajasadhikara Survey.

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Objectives of Praja Sadhikara Survey

The AP Praja Sadhikara Survey is a huge survey of all families which aims to record the socio-economic information directly in the form of digital with the authorization of the online portal. The following are the main objectives of the Smart Pulse Survey:

  • Completing the Aadhaar seeding in the recognized developmental databases
  • Will correct the data which already seeded with Aadhaar
  • Providing the person’s demographic information in “State Resident Data Hub” (SRDH)
  • Records which duplicate will eliminate
  • Also deleting the records of the dead person
  • In the form of a department of Socio-Economic and welfare of Andhra Pradesh, AP SEDB will create the self – consistent recordsets

Also know the format and also procedures of the ప్రజా సాధికార సర్వే here: http://prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in/PSS2017/format-and-procedure.html

Praja Sadhikara Survey
Image Source: prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in

Smart Pulse Survey Services

Andhra Pradesh government providing the Smart Pulse Survey in the following:

  • firstly, FP Shop-Nodal Officer Mapping
  • Check Survey Status
  • Arogya Raksha
  • OTP Based EKYC
  • Web-Based EKYC
  • Unsurveyed Request
  • People Hub Login
  • Lastly, Call Centre Login

Downloads of Smart Survey Forms

You can download Smart Pulse Survey App, Application forms (in Telugu and English) etc here: http://prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in/PSS2017/downloads.htmlPrajaSadhikaraSurveyForms_Telugu

Important Details of Smart Pulse Survey

  • Praja Sadhikara Survey Website: http://prajasadhikarasurvey.ap.gov.in
  • Smart Pulse Survey Toll-Free Number: 1800-599-1111
  • Praja Sadhikara Survey Support Mail: helpdesk.sps1@gmail.com
  • AP Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister: Sri K Narayana