How to keep ourselves safe from NIPAH VIRUS?

Nipah Virus Prevention

Nipah Virus infection is a viral infection caused by humans. Where the person can be recognised by the symptoms of fever, headche, cough, confusion and shortness of breathe. The disease may cause the person to coma over a day or 2 days. Get the info on Nipah virus prevention.

nipah virus precautions
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the Nipah virus disease is recognised at State Kerala and spreading nipah virus in India. The Nipah virus a one of a type of RNA virus. The both can spread from animals to our human body. Mainly the virus circulates through the fruit bats. So need to take care our surrounding very clean. Based on symptoms, the disease can be confirmed.

Here is the prevention procedure to follow to avoid the Nipah Virus

  • We don’t have any effective nipah treatment for the Nipah Virus infection, so need to keep ourselves by protecting our health.
  • Avoid the exposure to bats in endemic areas and pigs. If your living infected area need to cover the mouth and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Need to take care the fruits from the bats where they eat the fruits and while we having those, got a chance to infection to our humans body.
  • Avoid to eat the fruits in infected areas which may cause our body to infected.

The most important think is to aware always and take preventive measures to our body. It is the only one to avoid the Nipah virus from our body.