Porutham Astrology – Horoscope Matching to find Marriage Match

horoscope matching

Horoscope Matching

A Horoscope is an astrological chart to represent positions of the Moon, Sun, sensitive angles and also astrological aspects at the time of incidents, like marriages, a moment of person Birth and more. The Horoscope is a Greek word, which is defined as hora means time and scope means observer. ProKerala.com is the best site to check horoscope matching information to find the Marriage Matching. Mainly the India people are preferring to check the Astrology details.

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Matchmaking / Marriage matching Horoscope is an important decision on behalf of the girl and also boy before they holding to each other for the rest of their lives. The Hindu people mostly prefer the Astrology Horoscope for the marriages and any occasions. To check the details in online Horoscope matching of Boy and also girl, follow the below process.

  • First Choose the compatibility system, where the Prokerala providing the 3 types of services which are Horoscope matching Tamil, Horoscope Kundli matching, and Kerala system, choose among them one.
  • Enter the birth details like Date of birth and time details of the boy as well as enter the location and also follow the same procedure for a girl as well.
  • Click on Check Porutham button and based on your birth chart or Janma Rashi, you get the Porutham marriage details of people who getting married.

Janma Rashi

Here the user can find the rating of the pair by based on your Janma Rashi. The website considers the Nakshatra matching for marriage. It also displays the birth chart of Boy and Girl.

The person can get the 10 porutham compatibilities of the Boy and girl, those listed in the following:

  1. Dina Porutham
  2. Gana Porutham
  3. Mahendra
  4. Stree Dhrirgham
  5. Yoni Porutham
  6. Veda Porutham
  7. Rajju Porutham
  8. Vasya Porutham
  9. Rasi Porutham
  10. Rasyadhipa

Based on these steps the Boy and also Girl can get the compatibility Results of their Marriage Porutham. If their pair getting above 6.5 the marriage matching considered as a very good pair. To find your Horoscope information follow the below links

To Check the Horoscope Matching, visit: https://www.prokerala.com/astrology/porutham

updated on 12/11/2018