Sheep Distribution Scheme of Telangana

About Sheep Distribution Scheme of Telangana

Sheep Distribution Scheme has introduced by Telangana State Government on 20th June of 2017 under the subsidised scheme and by Mar of 2018 the Government of Telangana State has distributed 1, 28,000 sheep’s to the beneficiaries.

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History of Telangana Sheep Distribution Scheme

Telangana Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekar Rao has launched this Sheep Distribution, out of Rs. 1, 25,000 cost per unit, the Telangana government provides the cost of 75% and 25% is provided by the beneficiaries. In Telangana state the population of sheep is expected to be multiplying to 04 times within 02 years.

Purpose of Sheep Distribution Scheme

In order to empower the traditional occupations of communities of Golla and Kurma, the scheme was strengthen in increasing the rural economy. The TSSGDCF (Telangana State Sheep and Goat Development Cooperative Federation) has implemented this scheme by purchasing the sheep in other Indian states for avoiding of recycling. Along with increase in the net population in the Telangana. The breeds of sheep selected from Nellore (White sheep with black spots on the face), Nellore Brown (Dora), Madras Red and Deccani.

Telangana State Sheep and Goat Development Cooperative Federation
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Eligibility for Scheme of Sheep Distribution

  • As this scheme launched in order to support the tradition Shepard communities of Yadavas and Kurumas in Telangana State. Then the person who 18+ years belonging to the Shepard community are eligible for the scheme
  • Every 18+ eligibility person will acquire a unit of sheep (which has 20 sheeps)
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Insurance for Sheep Distribution Scheme of Telangana

About Rs. 5000 for a sheep and also Rs. 7000 for a ram acquired by the Shepard farmer from the Telangana government in case of a death of a sheep