Getting an Ontario Photo Card

Ontario Photo Card

If you don’t have a driver’s license but you don’t want to carry with you important documents like your passport, getting an Ontario Photo Card Application may be the option for you in Canada. Check its advantages and what you need to do to get one below. Get to know more about Ontario ID Card, PHoto ID Card Ontario, and more from Ontario Photo Card wiki and its official website.

What is the Ontario Photo Card?

The Ontario Photo Card is an ID card that gives you government-issued identification in case you don’t have a driver’s license. This will allow you to do activities require official identification, like opening the bank account or getting certain government services.

By getting an ID photo card, you will avoid the risk of losing important documents, like your passport, health card or PR card, because you won’t have to carry them with you all the time to identify yourself.ontario photo card

How do I get an Ontario Photo Card?

To get a Photo Card, you will have to go to a Service Ontario Centre and apply. When you go there, they will ask you to have an original identity document to prove your date of birth, legal name, and signature, such as your passport (Canadian or foreign), your Canadian Citizenship Card with the photo or Canadian Permanent Resident card with signature. To check what other documents you can use and to see the nearest centre, check Service Ontario’s website.

In case you are applying under your married name, you must bring your marriage certificate.

The requirements to get an ID Photo Card include: being 16 years old or older, being a resident of Ontario and not having a driver’s license Take into consideration that you cannot have a driver’s license and a Photo Card at the same time, so if you get a Photo Card, your driver’s licence will be cancelled.

When will I get my Ontario Photo Card?ontario photo card sample image

Once you go to the Service Ontario Centre and apply, the Photo Id Card Ontario will send to you by mail. It will take from 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. The process will cost $35 and accept different payment methods, includes Visa, MasterCard, cash, debit and certified cheque.

Will I need to renew my Ontario Photo Card?

The Ontario Photo Card must renew every 5 years. To do it you must go to a Service Ontario Centre, pay the renewal fee of $35 and bring another identity document, in case your Ontario Photo Card already expired when you go to the centre. From Ontario Photo Card wiki, you know more about it.

What happens if I lost or damaged my Ontario Photo Card?

If your Photo Card has stolen, lost or damaged, you will have to go to an Ontario Service Centre, bring an identity document that proves your signature, legal name and date of birth, and you will have to pay the replacing fee of $10. Visit the Ontario Photo Card Wiki and get more info.

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