Karimnagar District Court

Karimnagar District Court

Karimnagar is a locality of India, the administrative center of the district of Karimnagar, state of Telangana. According to estimate 2010 had a population of 266 748 inhabitants. It is headquarters of Karimnagar district court, where legal proceedings, trials and judicial services throughout the district are processed. It is also responsible for cases and everything referring to the courts.karimnagar district court

Karimnagar District

Karimnagar placed not only in Telangana but also in a state of AP in terms of historical and cultural heritage. It stands second in Telangana in area production of paddy. The District Court, Karimnagar established in the year 1956. The District has 45 number of Courts, i.e., 11 District Courts, 8 Senior Civil Judge Courts and 26 Junior Civil Judge Courts.

The current judge in the Karimnagar district court is Sri A.V. Pardhasaradhi, who is in the position since March 3, 2017.

E-courtsecourts services

For more than 10 years, a system of e-courts has been implemented throughout India and its objective is to digitize all the superior courts and district courts of the country. From a computer with internet access, you can visit the website: http://ecourts.gov.in/karimnagar, where you can get information about the court, the different cases, the judges working there, as well as the state of the different procedures without having to go directly to the court. It desired that all of India is completely connected and all cases digitized, to expedite any procedure and operation that wanted to do with the courts.

To get the All-State level High Courts and District Courts information, you can find it in details in the following link. eCourts, Click the link and you can find all High Courts and District Courts information from All over India.

Karimnagar district court case status

If you access from a computer with internet to the website http://ecourts.gov.in/karimnagar you can make different case inquiries. For example, if you want to access the Karimnagar district court case status, once on the website you should go to the right, in the services section, and select one of the different options: Case Status, Court Order, Cause list, etc. With the case number or with certain information, it is possible to review the status of any case from any part of India.

If the Case finds an issue on closing at Karimnagar District Court then having an option to transfer the cases to High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad

Karimnagar District Court Website: http://ecourts.gov.in/karimnagar

Phone Number: 0878 224 3190

Email id: kng.pdj-ap@aij.gov.in

Karimnagar District Court Address

District Court Complex,
Jagtial Road,
Pincode: 505001

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